Zhengzhou, Henan water meter "warm" work open

[China Instrument Network Instrument Industry] After a continuous autumn rain, weather forecast released a message, a cold air arrived in Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, the temperature will be reduced again. In order to avoid the occurrence of large-scale occurrence of freezing of water pipes, Zhen

Liberal Banking / Financial Escort System

I. System Overview <br> <br> With the rapid development of China's economy, especially in the major areas of crime have occurred for the financial sector, bank vault every day involve large amounts of cash out of storage work. The scope of work of armored cars also covers places suc

Campus goalkeeper anti-collision automatic telescopic c…

School safety issues are common, and we must not allow us to raise some thoughts based on these security issues. Various kinds of unsafe incidents in the society, accidental and man-made insecurity incidents inside and outside the campus, make the campus security issue a most sensitive nerve for ed

What you may not know about autopilot

Introduction: Do you think that what you think of as "autopilot" is what you think of "autopilot"? Failing to understand these four words may have serious consequences! With regard to autopilot, many people will understand it as a full-intelligence technology that does

The perfect energy storage application for energy vehic…

Many people have seen the wonderful performances of the magician. An item can be seen from before to nothing in our eyes. After a while, it can be from nothing. What's more, when a person walks into the props and rotates the props, the person becomes no longer. After a while, the person can cha

Shell receives LNG fuel orders for 2 cruise ships

Recently, Shell and Carnival Group signed a supply agreement to supply LNG fuel to two cruise ships that will be in service before 2019. The Carnival is building the first seven cruise ships that are fully powered by LNG. Previously, the company's "AIDAprima" cruise ship had been abl

Why does the vibration probe require high machining acc…

The tuning fork level switch performs vibration drive through the piezoelectric crystal on the tuning fork dielectric film, so that the tuning fork works at a certain resonant frequency. Usually, this resonance frequency point is the resonance point of the two-wing vibration of the tuning fork, an

How to use hopper machine, how to do good river powder …

Hefei machine sales, Hefen is a popular food in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guangdong, the food made by ordinary rice processing, with its fresh white, smooth and delicious, delicious and easy to eat, can be fried, boiled, hot, steamed And so on, winning people's favorite. "Liangpi" origin