The mine manager has to know the new rules for mining

The Ministry of Land and Resources recently issued an announcement to publicly solicit opinions from the Ministry of Land and Resources on the Notice on Improving the Registration and Management of Mineral Resources Exploitation (Consultation Draft). The draft for comments has been stipulated in t

[Inventory] Those domestic lighting products that were …

Recently, the European Commission's non-food rapid alert system (RAPEX) recalled Chinese-made light string, the notification country is Slovenia, the reason for the recall is that the wire is easy to break, easily lead to electric shock risk, and does not comply with the low voltage directive an

Smart Zinc Oxide Arrester Charger Tester Fully Intellig…

Smart Zinc Oxide Lightning Arrester Tester uses advanced microcomputers as control components and is fully intelligent. With the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, accurate and reliable measurement, powerful function and convenient operation, it is an ideal test instrument for on-site

New technology makes pyrite a second

The Wujiaoshan pyrite in Xuyong, southern Sichuan contains S18.86%, containing 16.64% Fe, and the harmful components Pb, Zn, As and F are all less than 0.05%. Main mineral ores - pyrite ore most coarse dissemination size, there are few fine dissemination size. According to the ore properties and c

·The GM shares all steel tire project obtained the rec…

On January 26th, Tire World Network was informed that Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd. All-steel radial tire construction project was filed by relevant departments. The filing unit is the Development and Reform Bureau of Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. At present, the project ha

Preparation of Manganese Sulfate by Reduction of Low Co…

Manganese sulfate is an important chemical intermediate, and 80% of other manganese salts are made from manganese sulfate. Manganese sulfate is also an important feed additive and fertilizer additive. At present, the global consumption of manganese sulfate is about 600,000 t/a, of which more than 6

Innovation and optimization of plant crushing process

1 Introduction In the processing plant production, crushing ore preparation work is necessary in conventional grinding process of crushing, crushing 12% to 25% of the grinding energy consumption. Larger scale beneficiation plant, reduce grinding feed size of The economic benefits are also more sig

Understanding the importance of mineral processing

The mineral processing technology and economic work has the following three characteristics: (1) It involves a wide range of departments. Mineral processing is a processing department that processes raw ore and provides qualified concentrate for the next process. The mineral processing products be

There are 7 ways to talk about bad security sales. You …

Many people do not feel that they have any problems with their speech. They may even feel that they are talking. But in fact, many times, it is so inadvertently that your way of speaking has already affected the people around you. If you are aware of the importance of speaking, then you will cert

Artificial Intelligence Core Technology

Computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and speech recognition are the five core technologies of artificial intelligence, and they all become independent sub-industries. 1. Computer Vision: Computer vision technology uses a sequence of image processing operations