Mineral sample processing system

For the refractory ore flash flotation industry project with large investment, the resource side is required to provide one ton of ore samples for the flash flotation process test, in order to reduce the fluctuation of mineral traits. Through the verification test of LCQK, it is found that the par

In February, the SUV sales list looked backwards. Why d…

A full version of the SUV sales in February has been released, in addition to the top 510 wins at the top, Haval H6 second place, there seems to be no big bright spot, then we may wish to pay attention to the bottom of the sales performance, the absolute majority of the top ten countdown models Un

What kind of water is high quality water?

Water is the source of life, and karst water provides a source of drinking water for about a quarter of the world's population. Among about 20% of the population in China, nearly 30 large and medium-sized cities use karst water as the main source of water supply. It can be seen that the quality

Wet alarm valve structure, installation and commissioni…

Wet alarm valve working principle is to rely on pipe network system side hydraulic lift to achieve. To ensure the use of alarm valve, and extend the life expectancy, master the principle of wet alarm valve is necessary. structure The standard configuration of the wet alarm valve includes: pressu

Yuchai 580 high-horsepower engine powers Dongfeng Liuqi…

Looking at the domestic heavy-duty market in recent years, the high-powered engine seems to be the direction sought by many brands. In high-speed and high-efficiency transportation industries such as trunk logistics, timing, and e-commerce logistics, vehicles equipped with high-powered engine

Take you to understand the technical characteristics of…

The cast aluminum electric heater is one of domestic and foreign electric heaters. It uses a tubular electric heating element as a heating element, and the original part can be bent and formed into a die cast aluminum into various shapes of products. There are many different kinds of heaters. Acco

What are the prevention and treatment measures for hard…

Roof plate Hardness refers to directly or substantially no thin top, coal layer is covered directly hard sandstone, conglomerate, and a large thickness. After the coal is returned to the column under such a hard roof, thousands of square meters, even tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of sq

12 tons of crane summer maintenance focus

We all know that the summer temperatures are relatively high and will often be accompanied by the occurrence of heavy rain, so 12-ton cranes are prone to various breakdown problems. If we want to keep the 12-ton cranes in high performance in summer, it'

The science required to open the car

One may say that people may feel strange when they are accompanied by vehicles. However, they can be seen occasionally in our daily lives. As long as you observe them, these vehicles are generally more common around construction sites. The full name of the

Intelligent lighting will become the best place for sma…

In recent years, with the maturity of technology and products and the popularization of related concepts, smart lighting applications have become increasingly rich, including commercial/industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, residential lighting, and public lighting. In addition, the country is payi