No weakness, strong nuclear equipment!

For a long time, the Bobcat small equipment has been favored by the construction industry for its durability, reliability and agility, especially in extreme working conditions. Today, let us experience the "super hard core" construction site of the small equipment for the Bobcats! Extrem

Liugong 10-12 tons into the box work forklift debut!

Containers are becoming more and more widely used. It is not easy to load large-tonnage cargo into containers. Stacking is even more difficult... Now, everything is solved by Liugong’s 10-12 tons of forklift trucks. Liugong 10-12 tons into the box operation forklift Adhering to the core va

Vortex flowmeter installation requirements

1. Reasonably choose the installation site and environment. Avoid strong power equipment, high-frequency equipment, strong power switch equipment; avoid the influence of high-temperature heat source and radiation source, avoid strong vibration places and strong corrosive environment, and consider

Cummins X12 helps Zhongtong Express on time

In the rapid development process, the express delivery industry has new demand for trunk transportation vehicles. As a key part of ensuring transportation services, the safety, reliability and high efficiency of transportation vehicles are essential. As the heart of the vehicle, the engine i

Logistics executives praise Dongfeng Cummins for low fu…

I have been in the transportation industry for 7 years. Dongfeng Cummins gives me the feeling of strong power, high reliability, low fuel consumption at a high speed and low noise. Overall, the overall performance is very good. Mr. Tang Enyou, General Manager of Fushunxin Freight As a truck

Forever C-bit, XCMG off-road tire hoist conquers Mexico…

Recently, the 4th Mexico Lifting Equipment and Industrial Equipment Exhibition was held in Irapuato, a major town in northern Mexico. As the leader of China's construction machinery industry, Xugong Group took the Xugong high-end off-road tire crane RT55U, and the "Xu Gongjin", which

The 50th anniversary of the founding of the company, th…

On September 16, 2018, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the company, at the same time, the group company held the inauguration ceremony of the Baoji medium and light truck transmission base in a simple and solemn manner. The members of the leadership team of Yan Jianbo and Ma Xuya

Heat pump dryer saves 70% of electricity compared to co…

Heat pump dryer professional structure hot air circulation design saves 70% compared with traditional drying machinery. The working principle is that according to the reverse Carnot cycle principle, a small amount of electric energy is used, and the compressor is used to evaporate into a gaseous sta

Research and Analysis on Sorting and Rate Screening of …

1 Introduction China is the world's largest producer and consumer of coal, coal accounted for 75% of primary energy consumption structure, while coal consumption structure, for combustion of coal accounts for more than 80%, and this situation is quite long in the future It will not change durin

Rational use of dry selection coal preparation technolo…

Mine Coal Mining Group Jixi Tokai 1.2 million annual t is a mine, because the thin coal, coal poor parting average thickness of about 0.5m, and the top plate easily broken, coupled with the changing conditions downhole geology etc. The factors affected, the coal ash content and the strontium content