Friendly robot

British scientists have developed a "friendly" robot that can communicate with humans by displaying a variety of different expressions. The name of the robot is Erwin, which is an abbreviation of the Emotional Robot with Intelligent Net

China supports the sharing of equipment and equipment r…

Scientific instruments play an increasingly important role in our lives. In order to enable the instrument to play a better role, our country has been sharing instrument and equipment resources. Shandong Enhancing the openness and sharing of scientific and technological resources and pr

Eaton Winner ADVANCED One-piece Hose Fittings

The Winner ADVANCED integral connector is Eaton’s proven hose fitting product and is one of Eaton's core products. After rigorous testing by the Eaton Test Center, it successfully passed 1,000,000 pulse tests and achieved 2.5 times the national standard pulse test standard. One-piece con

Beijing Traffic Commission actively sets up a tidal lan…

A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Police Committee held the first regular press conference, saying that the city has completed 118 destructive projects and is expected to complete more than 160 items throughout the year. Business shuttles have been operating for more than two m

Four-way inverter-based shortbread cake electronic cont…

Abstract: The flaky pastry machine is a type of food machinery. Currently, the electrical configuration of the flaky pastry machine on the market is generally controlled through PLC plus analog and communication modules. This method is more complicated and costly to configure. This article describes

Domestic tablet press saves short board on discreet onl…

In recent years, manufacturers of tablet presses have generally pursued high speed, high output, and low prices in product design and manufacturing, and have not paid much attention to the modern management and GMP requirements of pharmaceutical companies. At present, most of the tablet presses use

Medium power LED demand is growing

With the maturity of LED lighting applications and the demand for medium-power LEDs, LED packaging factories have been actively introducing EMC (thermosetting epoxy resin) brackets for medium and high power in recent years, but some industry players have pointed out that EMC stent process and PPA (

Changan Suzuki: The new city SUV front end will be avai…

On November 21st, at the time of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Changan Suzuki, which had not introduced a new model for the past three years, held a grand opening ceremony for its newest model, Feng Jian, and announced that this new strategic-grade urban SUV model officially landed on the domestic mark

CFB Boiler for the First Phase Project Helped to Power …

In order to ensure the success of the boiler ignition furnace, the Yanhua Project Department of Ningbo Engineering Company organized the owner, supervision, construction unit, etc. to fully cooperate to overcome the adverse effects brought by the recent strong winds and cooling weather in the northe

How to choose mold material

Mold selection is a very important part of the entire mold making process. The material selection of the mold needs to satisfy three principles. The mold meets the working requirements such as wear resistance, strength and toughness, the mold meets the process requirements, and the mold sh