Russian scientists develop a new type of laser mass spectrometer

[China Instrument Network Instrument Development] Russia's National Nuclear Energy Research University Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics experts developed a new type of laser mass spectrometer that can directly determine the composition of the material elements, significantly improving the analysis speed, and reducing the cost of analysis. The research results are published in the European Journal of Mass Spectrometry.

Traditional elemental analysis requires heavy sample preparation. If the sample is solid, for example when analyzing minerals, it must first be dissolved. This not only takes time, it may also pollute the environment. In addition to prolonged sample preparation, comparisons with standard samples are also required to avoid errors in the overall composition of the analysis, thereby increasing analysis costs.
This wedge-shaped ion mirror mass spectrometer features a universal analysis of solid materials without the use of standard samples. The advantage is that it can perform a wide range of energy transfer, compact and lightweight, and has low power consumption. In addition, this instrument can analyze all levels of material, methods and environmental protection, can perform local and stratified analysis, there is no interference of cluster ions.
The pulsed mode of operation makes this analyzer and laser ion source can be well combined together, and the identification speed is fast, so the mass spectrometer can also be used in criminal investigation. At the same time, this new type of mass spectrometer opens up new prospects for medicine, especially in the field of analysis of trace elements in human hair and nails. In addition, the instrument can also improve the accuracy of identification of transit items at railway stations and airports, accelerate analysis of soil samples in order to obtain accurate maps of regional ecological environment.
(Original title: Russian scientists have developed a new type of laser mass spectrometer)