China's Machine Tool Remanufacturing Market Shows New Development Opportunities

The status of machine tool remanufacturing

In China, there are still companies that specialize in the remanufacturing of machine tools. Among them, Wuhan Huazhong Automation, Tangshan heavy machine tools and other five companies, remanufacturing business accounted for 40% of the total business of similar companies. In addition to these professional reform companies, machine tool manufacturers have a great advantage in remanufacturing business. However, the reality is that due to the continuing hot new machine tool market, these machine tool manufacturers have been struggling to cope with the new machine tool market, and often do not have the energy to engage in remanufacturing business.

In addition to machine tool repair and transformation companies and machine tool manufacturers, another major player in the current domestic machine tool remanufacturing is the CNC system manufacturing company. This has led to the fact that most of China's machine tool manufacturing companies do not have remanufacturing business, and the other few companies involved in remanufacturing have a very small proportion of their remanufacturing business to their total business.

The advantages of remanufacturing machine tools

From an economic point of view, machine tool remanufacturing has the advantages of less investment, short cycle, and cost savings. According to statistics, for ordinary machine tools or CNC machine tools with high added value, the original parts and components of the machine tool are fully utilized through remanufacturing, which saves the cost of manufacturing these parts, and the remanufactured machine tool can basically reach the performance of the original new machine tool. Level. The remanufacturing of precision machine tools and large and heavy machine tools is much shorter than that of new machine tools. At the same time, the user can select the CNC system or other functions according to the state of the machine tool and process requirements to further save costs.

At present, the development of circular economy in China has become a hot spot. Energy-saving and emission-reduction have been placed at the top of economic indicators. The development of remanufacturing industry will be promising in this respect. According to statistics, the resource recycling rate of China's machine tool remanufactures is over 85%, which is more than 80% energy saving than the production of new machine tools. This not only saves resources and energy, but also reduces the need to re-produce iron castings on the basis of energy saving and material saving. Pollution of the environment.

Machine tool remanufacturing market is huge

As the sales of new machine tools decline, the maintenance and renovation of old machine tools will be booming. The remanufacturing sector is becoming more and more valued by machine tool manufacturers. Some machine tool manufacturers have begun to quietly shift their focus to the remanufacturing sector. In addition, it has been pointed out that although high-precision machine tools, CNC machine tools, and large-scale machine tools have grown rapidly in recent years, their share in machine tool products is still low due to the small base. However, it also pointed out that ordinary machine tools are still the dominant machine tool products in China, and this proportion will not change drastically in a short time.

At the same time, the numerical control rate of China's machine tools is also not high. At present, the overall rate of numerical control in China is increasing year by year. However, compared with the numerical control rates of 60% to 70% of the output of developed countries such as Japan, the United States, and Germany, and the rate of numerical control of the output value of 80% to 90%, the numerical control rate of China's equipment products is still too low. In addition, many of China's precision machine tools and large (heavy) machine tools began to rely mainly on imports. Faced with the development trend of China from a manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse, these various forms of scrap and old machine tools will be transferred to the ranks of machine tool remanufacturing.

In short, from the remanufacturing field of other industries, it can be seen that many foreign remanufacturing companies have already focused their attention on the Chinese market, and it seems that domestic machine tools and tools companies should seize the current business opportunities. The development and emergence of machine tool remanufacturing in China can not only realize the recovery, recycling and reuse of old machine tool equipment resources with large scale, save resources and energy, reduce environmental pollution, but also form an emerging machine tool remanufacturing and service industry. Important economic, social and environmental benefits.

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