Fast innovation to fill market gaps

Since the beginning of this year, Fast Group has closely followed the global automotive technology frontier, actively improved the independent innovation system and the construction of the scientific and technological R&D system, and continuously pushed forward product innovation to high-end technology and achieved remarkable results. At present, the company's self-developed FHB320A parallel hydraulic retarder, 9HS119 hybrid transmission, 24JSX160 heavy-duty transmission and other seven new products to fill the gaps in the domestic market, some of which independent innovation products to break the intellectual property barriers built by multinational companies, the formation of the scale of development Advantage.

In order to seize development opportunities in a timely manner and further accelerate the pace of development of high-tech and high-value-added new products, Fast adhered to the concept of “product generation, trial production, R&D generation, and concept generation” and established independent development and development. Technological innovation is the forerunner, and the technological development system that combines the introduction of technology digestion and absorption and cooperative development is put into use, and the technological reform R&D funds have been invested in billions of dollars to build an innovation platform and a state-level enterprise technology center and specialized intelligent production lines have been established. R & D and manufacturing base, and actively through the school-enterprise cooperation, international cooperation, technology docking and other forms, and constantly strengthen the integration of production, education and research, accelerate the training, the introduction of high-level technical management personnel, and further improve the company's independent innovation incentive mechanism and technology research and development The system will focus on the application of superior resources to the research and development of core technologies, provide strong technical support and talent support for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in energy conservation, and greatly shorten the development and trial period of new products. The current period for the development of new products has been shortened by more than two years. For the current year and a half or so, The sales of new products have been greatly increased, accounting for more than 60% of the total sales of products.

The scientific and technological system innovation has helped boost Fast's continuous rise to high-end technology. In the past year, the company has completed over 30 new product development projects. Among them, 12 series gears, 16 gears, 20 gears, and 6DS, which are independently researched and developed, adopt a series of transmission new products with lightweight design of all-aluminum alloy housings, featuring high technology content, high performance-to-price ratio, high transmission efficiency, and wide adaptability. Representing the highest level of China's gear industry, it fills the production gap of China's multi-range mechanical heavy-duty transmissions; new generation of FH400B, FHB320A hydraulic retarder new products, breaking the monopoly position of foreign companies in the brake system of heavy-duty vehicles, Its superior retarding performance fully satisfies the development needs of heavy-duty multi-position, large-tonnage, high-horsepower, high-speed and individualized demands of different users, providing high-tech and product support for the upgrading of heavy-duty trucks in China; The tailored DS series transmissions highlight the design concepts of green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and meet the development needs of the humanized, large-scale, and high-grade development of the passenger car market and timely seize the market commanding height. At present, the company has granted more than 70 patents, and 100% of it has been transformed into scientific and technological achievements to achieve industrialization. It has fully met and adapted to the new needs of market development.

The independent innovation of science and technology has made the market leading position and leading edge of Fast's products increasingly prominent. In recent years, the company has taken the lead in undertaking the formulation and revision of 12 national and industrial standards. The development of heavy-duty transmissions with independent intellectual property rights and high-tech content has reached more than 30 series and hundreds of varieties. It has been selected by hundreds of domestic host plants. For fixed-point supporting products, the new transmissions in the development market have occupied more than 90% of the domestic heavy-duty vehicles with a capacity of over 15 tons. Driven by technological innovations, Fast's product development quickly entered the fast track of sound development and formed a new pattern of product diversification, serialization, and all-round development.

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