Men suffering from chronic bronchitis were told by the hospital to spend 10 million to jump the bridge

Men suffering from chronic bronchitis were informed by the hospital to spend ten million to jump the bridge diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-09-10

Luoding men come to Spike Bridge Liede Bridge to stop 5 minutes
If he claims to be an orphan, he got a slow support and was told by a local hospital that it would cost 10 million.
Liede Bridge also performed the bridge show yesterday. A middle-aged man who climbed to the bridge about eight stories high allowed the Liede Bridge to jam for five minutes. In the past, the neighborhood complained and the man did not return to the ground from high altitude until around 12 noon. During the period, the man dropped a medical bill on the ground. It is understood that he climbed the Liede Bridge and related to medical expenses.
Early in the morning on Sunday, this is a good time for family leisure. A middle-aged man who claims to be from Luofu in Yunfu has destroyed the good mood of many families. The man, who claimed to be an orphan, climbed more than 7am on the 9th to climb the bridge on the north side of the Liede Bridge to the south lane. The location is about 8 stories high. At 9:30 in the morning, reporters rushed to the scene and saw a middle-aged man wearing an orange cartoon t-shirt and gray pants sitting on a bridge cable on the north-to-south lane. Public security and fire fighting staff have all arrived and safety mats have been prepared. There are also public security vessels ready to wait in the waters under the Liede Bridge. The flow of traffic from the north to the south of the bridge to the bridge on the lane is very choked, and the sidewalks and single lanes have also taken up the cordon.
Affected by the man who jumped the bridge, many car owners were stuck on the Liede Bridge and had to send a tweet. Netizen “Fengshan Fortress Farmer” said: Liede Bridge is going to jump the bridge and plug it for half a minute. Can not think of himself, kidnapping the public interest. The netizen “Annoying-Person” said: “Just sent a friend out of Guangzhou, and after the Liede Bridge big traffic jam, there was a man climbing up to the top of the bridge. In the deadlock, the public security, traffic police, and 120 were dispatched. The specific reasons are unknown. Why do people often climb bridges? Seriously affect social order!"
The stalemate lasted for nearly four hours until 11 o'clock. As more and more multimedia journalists rushed to the scene, the man finally said "had something to say". He took out a blank sheet of paper and wanted to throw it down. Later, he worried about paper. The article was blown away by the wind, and she took off the orange T-shirt from her body and threw a T-shirt on the paper to the ground. The reporter found that it was a medical bill.
After a long period of stalemate and wait, around 11:45, the man finally began to crawl slowly along the bridge, and then safely returned to the ground around 1215.
The man was emaciated, with reddened skin and a constant cough. The medical staff who had been on the spot had rushed to give him a physical examination. The man claims to be from Luoding County, Yunfu County, Guangdong Province. He is 36 years old and his parents passed away very early. He has no children, no children and no brothers. He is a chronic bronchitis patient. Luoding’s local hospital told him to treat the disease with 10 million. He came to Guangzhou on September 1 to raise medical expenses.
Subsequently, the man was sent to overseas Chinese hospital for observation.
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