Waterborne wood coatings are expected to quickly occupy the Chinese wood coatings market

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It is expected that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the percentage of wood-based wood coatings in China will increase from less than 5% in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” to about 15%. At the 6th China International Waterborne Wood Coatings Development Seminar held in Shenzhen last week, participants reached a consensus: The implementation of the new policy is becoming a powerful promoter for the development of waterborne wood coatings. Taking this as an opportunity, waterborne wood coatings are expected to quickly occupy the Chinese wood coating market.

On May 24th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on organizing the application of the toxic and hazardous materials (products) substitutes encouraged and developed in the current country. The important areas of application include heavy metals, organic pollutants, etc., in which the waterborne coatings become coatings containing volatile organic compounds. alternative plan.

Sun Lianying, president of the China Coatings Industry Association, said that the implementation of this policy is a very good news for waterborne wood coating manufacturers. Waterborne wood coatings will enter the support of the national special support fund, which will effectively promote the faster and better development of waterborne wood coatings. She explained that in the past two years, the country has paid more and more attention to the development of waterborne wood coatings, and introduced a series of policies to support the waterborne coatings, such as solvent-based wood coatings should be replaced by green products, waterborne wood coatings 3C certification must pass the provincial government departments The strict review and so on.

“We are currently adopting the policy of “carrots and sticks.” On the one hand, it is necessary to impose some restrictions on traditional solvent-based paints; on the other hand, support and support should be provided for waterborne wood coatings.” Xu Wen, Tax Research Office, Ministry of Finance The doctor said.

At the seminar, the participants of the participating companies expressed that policies with both restrictive and encouraging policies are easier to implement. At the same time, they believe that water-based wood coatings companies want to make major breakthroughs, we must select the target market, pay attention to the effect of product applications, through the test data to establish market confidence in the performance of water-based paint products, and strengthen product testing and improve after-sales service. They believe that with the improvement of people’s living conditions and the pursuit of the concept of environmental protection and healthy life, China’s waterborne wood coatings are entering a period of rapid development, regardless of the R&D technology, product quality, coating level, and user adoption. Great improvement and progress.

Li Yingyi, deputy secretary-general of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, revealed to reporters that they have submitted environmental water-based wood-based coatings economic policy reports to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, including both encouraging and binding suggestions. Specifically include: It is recommended to increase the national and industrial standards for solvent-based wood coatings; impose a consumption tax on nitro-wood coatings; it is recommended that the drying equipment used for drying waterborne wood coatings be included in the environmental protection professional enterprise equipment; Waterborne wood coating furniture implements environmental protection signs and material certification.

In order to promote the development of waterborne wood coatings, the China Waterborne Wood Coatings Industry Technology Alliance Conference was held at the same time. This reporter learned that the alliance will assist water-based wood coating companies to apply for national high-tech enterprises, and strive to enjoy tax-free preferential policies, and actively organize application reports, declare the country's scientific research funding support.

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