Beijing Construction Commission sent five experts to investigate the cause of collapse

Beijing Construction Committee sent five experts to investigate the reasons for the collapse of diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2013-01-08

Yesterday, the municipal construction committee organized five experts to carry out appraisal work on the scene of the accident. The current appraisal result has not yet been released. The Guodu Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. of Huadian (Beijing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. stated that they have set up a remedial team and a field investigation team to properly handle the accident.
At 16 o'clock the previous day, on the north side of Haochang Road in Fengtai District, Huadian (Beijing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd. collapsed on the top floor of a five-story building under construction, causing construction worker deaths and injuries. (Reported by the newspaper yesterday)
Guodu Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. stated that after the incident, the group company received a report from the project department and immediately started the accident emergency rescue plan. At the same time, it asked for help from 110, 119, 120 and other rescue departments, and reported to the local construction commission and other competent authorities and launched the site. Rescue. Subsequently, the city, district construction committee and safety supervision department and the public security department were involved in accident investigation.
Yesterday, two slightly injured workers were discharged from the hospital. Others were still hospitalized in the Armed Police General Hospital. The injuries were stable and none of them were life-threatening.
Guodu Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. stated that in order to cope with the accident, the company has set up an accident handling team and a field cooperation investigation team. The aftercare team has paid more than 100,000 yuan in medical expenses to notify the families of the casualties. At present, all family members are on the way to Beijing. The company will provide reasonable compensation for casualties.
The on-the-spot investigation team cooperated with the five experts organized by the Municipal Construction Committee yesterday to identify the structural safety and stability of the damaged parts of the project. The results of the identification have not yet come out.
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