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China Ordnance Industry Group orders 5 non-standard vacuum rake dryers

Recently, our sales performance has been on a linear upward trend. As a benchmarking company in the drying industry, our company is increasingly favored by big companies and groups. Following the cooperation with Gujing Gongjiu, our company has successfully signed with China Ordnance Industry Group. The next five large vacuum rake dryers are used for the drying of gunpowder.

China Ordnance Industry Group, also known as the Chinese Weaponry, mainly develops weapons and equipment. It is an extremely large state-owned key enterprise directly managed by the central government, a central enterprise, and a state-planned company. During the bidding process, according to the technical requirements of the equipment, the head of the project of the Ordnance Group made it clear that, as a department that has a certain impact on national security, the quality of the product plays a crucial role in the national security. Its partners must have excellent quality and technology. After several rounds of bids and negotiations, our company has stood out among many competitors by virtue of its successful cases and cooperation reputation with Sinopec, Japan’s Mitsubishi Group and COFCO together with its own strong technical foundation. The production of a vacuum dryer is a drying company with a core competitiveness. It is also losing its competition with our company.

Our drying project signed with China Weapons has special significance. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. The winning bid is just a beginning, and the hard one is behind. High standards, strict requirements and tight schedules are all challenges we face. For the purchase of 5 sets of ZB vacuum rake dryers , our company adopts frequency conversion speed regulation on the transmission motor, which increases the operability of the drying process, making the model more applicable. Auxiliary equipment also includes hot water tank, condenser, buffer tank, water ring vacuum pump, vacuum pneumatic butterfly valve, hot water pump and so on. In order to achieve a higher degree of automation, our company sets up temperature probes in the water tanks, which are linked with electric heating and can automatically control the water temperature. Due to the consideration of stickiness of the gunpowder, engineers also specially designed that the end cover of the host can be opened to facilitate the cleaning of the wall. Since gunpowder is flammable and explosive, safety issues should not be underestimated, so we set a temperature measurement point in the jacket of the main unit. If the temperature measurement point of the water tank fails, the heater will be automatically turned off and the alarm will be overheated. In addition, the host will be supported at the site. Vacuum pump, pneumatic butterfly valve and other explosion-proof buttons. This set of equipment has achieved perfect performance in terms of productivity and safety.

This cooperation with the arsenal more affirmed the absolute superiority of our company not only in food, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry, but also highlighted that we have also created our own brand effect in special industries. I believe that in the coming days, our drying equipment will appear in various industries and fields. Division I will also, as always, to high-quality products, good service and dedication to provide users with more and better services!

Automatic burring and cleanning the stainless steel sheet of round shape.

To ensure high quality and smooth surface of hardware products, such as pan, bowl, dishware, cover, basin, cup and more.

Improve the stainless steel sheet quality.

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Automatic Cleaning and Burring Machine

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