Industry calls for LED industry integration to start with specifications

Recently, in the "2013 Renewable Energy Development Vision Summit Forum", Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yanyuan Optoelectronics, Jian Feng, participated in the comprehensive discussion on behalf of the LED industry. The theme was "How to establish green energy and low carbon industry development in Taiwan."
Jane Feng Ren said that in the era of LED lighting, Taiwan must accelerate the implementation of intelligent drive circuits (power controllers, ballasts) and electrical interfaces with interchangeable specifications, especially the integration of electrical specifications and specifications between drive circuits and light-emitting modules. The LED industry needs to solve the bottleneck in the short term.
Jane Feng Ren said that the most important thing at this stage is to establish the specification of the electrical conditions of the interface between the light source module and the rectifier, so that the products of various manufacturers can achieve mutual reciprocal conditions, which is beneficial to the light source design manufacturer according to the specifications of the power supply controller. Design products to shorten the design cycle of LED light sources.
Jane Feng Ren said that the light efficiency required for LED lighting has reached the lighting market demand, but the stability of the driving circuit is still difficult to match with the relatively long-life lighting module (LED chip), resulting in an electronic component failure, the entire LED lighting must be The whole phenomenon of product discarding, if it causes the LED to save electricity but is not environmentally friendly, will be a pity.
This year, the LED Lighting Industry Alliance of Taiwan proposes to solve the problem of compatibility and interchangeability of electrical specifications. First, it solves the electrical specifications between the light-emitting module and the drive circuit (ballast). This concept is applicable not only to indoor lighting, but also to LEDs. Outdoor lighting including street lights.

Features:AWS E6013 Welding Electrodes

Covered with a high titania potassium type coating.Both AC and DC can be applied, AWS E6013 Low Carbon Steel Welding Electrodes covered with a high titania potassium type coating. It is applicable for all-position Welding. Including vertical down welding. It shows a very good welding performance with small spatters, easy restrike arc and very good weld shape.
Product details:
Diameter:   2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm
Length:      300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm
Operating Current: AC and DC
Welding Current Range:60-160A
Suitable for welding low carbon steel structures and low carbon galvanized plate especially applicable for vertical down welding and intermittent welding.
1.Carbon steel welding electrodes should be baked at the temperature of 350℃ for one hour before welding.
2. Before welding, the weld metal must be cleared away impurities, such as rust, oil, moisture, etc.
3.Short arc and narrow  weld bead are recommended in welding.
2.5mm*300mm  2.5kgs/inner box, 8inner boxes/carton=20kgs             
3.2mm*350mm  5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs              
4.0mm*400mm   5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs           
5.0mm*400mm  5.0kgs/inner box, 4inner boxes/carton=20kgs

Aws E6013 Welding Electrodes

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