Changan Suzuki: The new city SUV front end will be available at the end of the year

On November 21st, at the time of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Changan Suzuki, which had not introduced a new model for the past three years, held a grand opening ceremony for its newest model, Feng Jian, and announced that this new strategic-grade urban SUV model officially landed on the domestic market. It is reported that Feng Hao will launch aggressive, elite and exclusive three models of five models for consumer choice, is expected to be the fastest to market before the end of this year.

According to official information, the length and breadth of the front wing are 4300/1765/1575mm, and the wheelbase is 2600mm. The newly developed G-INNOTEC high-efficiency engine is equipped with a maximum power of 90kW and a maximum torque of 158Nm. The 100km-km integrated operating condition requires only 5.6L of fuel consumption, and has the only intelligent engine start-stop system at the same level.

Similar to the previous information, Chang'an Suzuki S-CROSS's Chinese name is identified as "Feng Shuo," which means breaking through the limited mode of normal life, stimulating endless power, and calmly managing a colorful life.

Changan Suzuki said that the grand launch of the Guangzhou Auto Show indicates that this urban SUV value benchmark model will soon enter the domestic market, and the previous market heat will effectively translate into impressive sales. In the future, Feng Xiao will effectively promote Changan Suzuki to expand its territory in the SUV field.

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