Four-way inverter-based shortbread cake electronic control system scheme

Abstract: The flaky pastry machine is a type of food machinery. Currently, the electrical configuration of the flaky pastry machine on the market is generally controlled through PLC plus analog and communication modules. This method is more complicated and costly to configure. This article describes an electronic control system for shortbread based on the Quartet V350 frequency converter. The system omits the PLC and the module, that is, it achieves the technological requirements of the shortbread machine and also reduces the system cost.

Keywords: food machinery; V350; shortbread machine; frequency converter;

I. INTRODUCTION The shortbread machine is composed of two main machines, a filling machine and a kneading machine. Compared with the ordinary flaky pastry machine, the machine host integrates the dough machine and filling machine, making the whole process more convenient and smooth. The past flaky pastry machine has low output, high labor cost, and relatively high consumption, while the variable frequency stepless speed governing device can realize any ratio of fur and stuffing, greatly reducing the manual demand and effectively controlling The consumption in production.

figure 1

Second, the pastry machine technology introduction:

The dough passes through the rolling and rolling of the two rolling surface rollers and the rolling device to make the dough more glossy and the quality more stable. Each pressing wheel has a thickness adjustment device to set the thickness of the dough to increase or decrease the weight of the product; the dough is controlled by the proximity switch between the pressing surface wheel and the thinning device, so that the dough cannot be transported by the host. Too fast and broken or too slow to clog; after the last machine pressing surface wheel, the dough will fall on the host conveyor belt, and stuffing parts will be added to the filling, and then the dough will be rolled into strips through the reels and auxiliary reels; finally After the kneading machine molding, the molding machine can set its cutting length to determine the length of the product size and weight, the entire processing process shown in Figure 2.

figure 2

Third, the electrical program introduction 1, the original PLC control system program, by the touch screen, PLC + analog module + communication module, inverter, speed control module, contactor, air switch components (Figure 3):

image 3

2, V350 expansion card control system program, a touch screen, inverter, speed control module, contactor, air switch components (Figure 4):

Figure 4

3. Comparison of new and old solutions The stable operation of the equipment determines the pros and cons of the system solution. The pros and cons of the system solution determine the configuration of the system.
Fourth, debugging program 1, electrical wiring diagram:
2, the main debugging parameters:

V350 frequency converter:

F0.2.25=16 MODBUS bus setting frequency F0.3.33=2 MODBUS bus control start and stop F1.0.03=2 acceleration time 2 seconds F1.0.04=1 deceleration time 1 second FF.2.35=180 Undervoltage action level E550 Inverter:

F0.00=2 MODBUS bus setting frequency F0.02=1001 External terminal start/stop F2.18=2 Automatic voltage regulation effective F3.11=180 Undervoltage protection level 180V

V. Summary Through the actual production and application, the program is applied to the flaky pastry machine, the system has a faster response speed, a higher precision of the steady speed, and reduces the system cost. Practice has proved that the integrated system solution introduced in this article is a high stability, reliable performance, can meet the modern requirements of the shortcake machine electrical system program.


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