Beijing Traffic Commission actively sets up a tidal lane

Beijing Traffic Commission actively sets up a tidal lane A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Police Committee held the first regular press conference, saying that the city has completed 118 destructive projects and is expected to complete more than 160 items throughout the year. Business shuttles have been operating for more than two months and 38 business line lines have been opened. A total of 69 flights, daily passenger traffic of nearly 1400 people.

Completed more than 160 projects for completion of plugging in the whole year <br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> According to the person in charge of the Road Administration Bureau of the Beijing Municipal Communications Commission, as of now, this year the city has completed 118 destructive projects and is expected to complete over 160 projects in the year. Among them, a total of 51 city-level destructive projects have been completed, and 67 regional-level destructive projects have been completed. In addition, 39 projects are being constructed. Since 2003, the city has accumulatively completed more than 1,500 projects for blockage.

Since the beginning of this year, Beijing has completed the expansion project for the expansion of the airport highway Siyuan Bridge, the expansion of the Wanghe Bridge exit of the Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, and the extension of the Xiangbai Bridge exit ramp to ease the traffic at the interchange nodes. Congestion; The completion of the Dongdan intersection south bus station reconstruction, Fuyou Street north exit bicycle lane reconstruction, Pudong bridge southeast corner of the new ladder road and other conventional plugging project, to ease the traffic congestion on local roads, to facilitate the people travel.

In addition, in order to improve the traffic speed of late-peak vehicles, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission and Highway Bureau actively set up a tidal driveway. After the opening of Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, the traffic flow in the direction of the evening peak out of the city increased by 14%, and the speed of social vehicles increased by 6.7%.

38 Business Shuttle daily passenger volume of nearly 1,400 people <br> <br> business run for two months to train, are highly concerned about the positive response from passengers and society. As of November 8th, the cumulative number of visits to the business bus line customization platform reached more than 310,000, with 5,625 registered persons, 5,366 paid prepayments, 38 route lines, 69 total flights, and 1,400 daily passengers. .

Due to the support of bus lanes, business shuttles have certain advantages in reducing transfer links, meeting the public’s diversified travel needs, and alleviating the “difficulty” of traveling by the public. In the next step, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission’s Transportation Administration Bureau will also organize public transport companies to constantly improve the content of customized bus platforms, introduce new varieties of customized bus services, and expand the coverage of custom bus services; strengthen the management and service management of customized bus business shuttles to improve vehicle use efficiency. And service level, and constantly improve the appeal of custom bus.

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