Friendly robot

British scientists have developed a "friendly" robot that can communicate with humans by displaying a variety of different expressions.

The name of the robot is Erwin, which is an abbreviation of the Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network. Researchers use Irving to study how humans form relationships with machines.

Irving is the research result of Murray, University of Lincoln, UK. It can communicate with humans and express five basic emotions in communication.

Murray said that when two different people communicate for the first time, if their personalities attract each other, they will form a relationship. However, due to the lack of features and personality of robots, humans and robots have developed relationships.

Researchers try to add "character" and "personality" to Owen based on human interaction and interpersonal relationships, and study the relationship between humans and robots.

Murray hopes that the results of this research will eventually help children, especially those with developmental disabilities such as autism, understand the emotional behavior.

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