SAIC New Energy Vehicle Charging Facility Enters Home

SAIC Group is working to solve the problem of charging new energy vehicles. The company’s current model of cooperation with third-party sales companies and home-installed charging piles has begun to show results.

Recently, the reporter participated in a new energy automobile experience event organized by SAIC Motor. Gaozhan New Energy, a joint venture company of SAIC, stated that as of 2014, the number of charging piles installed by the company into the community has exceeded 300, and the success rate has reached 90%.

How charging piles enter the community is regarded as one of the “bottleneck” that electric vehicle development must break through. Experts believe that for private car buyers, infrastructure must go into the community to better play its role. The future development trend is that electric cars can be charged at any time in front of their home, in a residential area or in an office downstairs, without increasing the extra time cost of car buyers.

It is understood that SAIC and Gaozhan New Energy mainly adopt the cooperation model of “sales supporting construction”. Gaozhan New Energy is the main sales channel of SAIC New Energy Auto. In the early stage of sales, Gaozhan New Energy will assess the parking environment of the intended car buyers, determine whether they have the conditions for charging, and communicate with the residential property. After the vehicle is sold, the company provides on-site installation of the charging facility. According to Xu Weihan, chief financial officer of Gaozhan New Energy, the cost of home charging piles for SAIC New Energy cars can be controlled at around 8,000 yuan.

In addition, Ling Tianyi, chief engineer of SAIC, introduced the company's new energy vehicle sales plan this year. It is reported that SAIC expects the sales of pure electric vehicles e50 will reach 500 in 2014, and the sales of the hybrid cars Roewe 550 will exceed 2,000. The number of charging piles entering the home will also increase further. In this regard, Xu Weihan believes that due to the rapid decline in the cost of charging piles, the promotion of home charging facilities will usher in a period of rapid growth.

According to interviews with reporters, the difficulty in charging the charging piles into the community is mainly due to the fact that the electric car buyers are very scattered and therefore increase the construction cost and communication costs of installing the charging facilities. Charging piles are not available for purchase. The cost of installation of a single independent charging pile is relatively high, and it must be communicated and coordinated with the residential property. On the other hand, it is precisely because of the low proportion of sales of new energy vehicles and their scattered distribution. Each cell usually requires only one or two electric stakes, so it has little impact on the grid of the entire community and will not appear. Exceeds electricity load situation.

It is understood that there are currently more than 2,000 charging piles built in Shanghai. It is planned that by 2015, more than 6,000 charging piles will be laid out in the city and 13,000 new energy vehicles will be used. Among them, a charging point is set for every 5 square kilometers in the downtown area, a charging point is set for every 10 square kilometers in the suburbs, and a public fast charging network will be given priority in the central urban area and the demonstration area. A car is enough for 80% of electricity. 20 minutes.

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