Green Sanitation Vehicle Exemption Limits and Check-ups

With the development and construction of urbanization, the types of exemptions for urban sanitation vehicles are increasing, and users are exempted from paying vehicle purchase tax when they purchase exempt sanitation vehicles. How to apply for exemption is also a problem that our customers pay more attention to when buying a car.
Take a sprinkler as an example:
Sprinklers are exempt from vehicle purchase tax quotas: The purchase price of special invoices for motor vehicle sales includes value-added tax. Therefore, when assessing vehicle purchase tax, 17% of value-added tax must be eliminated, ie, the purchase of sprinkler vehicles. Taxes and taxation price = invoiced price is 1.17, and then the vehicle purchase tax is levied at a tax rate of 10%. For example, if a consumer buys a 100,000 yuan sprinkler, he will first get rid of 17% of his value-added tax and then pay 10% of the remaining amount. An exemption formula for a 100,000 sprinkler is 100000÷1.17×0.1=8547 yuan. Sprinkler vehicle purchase tax exemption operation procedure: To the purchase tax payment hall, the staff will provide a tax exemption card for this vehicle according to the exemption announcement, hold the tax exemption card to the local vehicle management office, and the vehicle management office will handle the relevant ownership of the vehicle. . Hubei Cheng Li sprinklers, garbage trucks and other sanitation vehicles are exempted from the announcement, welcome new and old customers inquiries 0722-3825018.

Pre-cleaner are suitable for the preliminary cleaning of raw materials in the silos, rice mill, flour mill and malt plant to separates large impurities from raw materials and has high efficiency in pre-cleaning or cleaning paddy,corn,soy bean,wheat,sorghum and other types of grains.
Relative devices:seeds pre cleane, Grain Pre-Cleaner machine,grain sieve separator.


1.High yield
2.Low power consumption
3.High efficiency
4.Stable operation.

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