·Imported Mitsubishi will not withdraw from the Chinese market

"Mitsubishi's imported car business will not withdraw from China, and Outlander does not have a domestic plan at present. From the overall development strategy of Mitsubishi Motors, we hope to make domestic and imported cars at the same time and achieve great development." Recently, for Mitsubishi imported car business Rumors of China’s withdrawal from China, Mitsubishi China’s chairman, Imai Daolang, officially blamed the media.

"China is the world's largest auto consumer market, but the Mitsubishi brand cars in the Chinese market, including domestic and imported cars, have not yet entered the top five of Mitsubishi's overseas markets. In the field of imported SUVs, imports of Mitsubishi The market share of automobiles is less than 2.6%. We hope that through the development of the network and the launch of new cars, the development of Mitsubishi Motors will catch up with the development of domestic SUVs. Mitsubishi domestic and imported cars must simultaneously exert their efforts to increase sales. He stressed.

One proof is that at this Chengdu auto show, imported Mitsubishi released the 2014 Outlander Value Edition and the 2015 Pajero. Among them, the retail price of the 2014 Outlander Value Edition is 229,800~3.448 million, and the retail price of the 2015 Pajero is 398,000~468,000. The simultaneous listing of the two new cars not only shows the importance that imported Mitsubishi attaches to the western market, but also shows the attitude of importing Mitsubishi to continue its development in China. However, in response to the rumors that Outlander wants to make a domestic product, he made it clear that there is no domestic plan for Outlander.

According to the data, the 2014 Outlander Value Edition features a multi-functional LED taillight, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, black wheel eyebrows, and cool silver luggage racks. The 2015 Pajero features a newly designed air intake grille and front and rear bumpers. LED daytime running lights are added to the front fog lights. Extra-wide area Xenon headlights with automatic leveling and automatic headlights are added. Technology configurations such as the rain sensor system and the addition of a two-color body provide consumers with a more personalized choice.

At present, the imported models of Mitsubishi are only available in the 2014 Outlander and the 2014 Pajero. Earlier this year, the import of Mitsubishi identified the target of 25,000 units sold in 2014. In the first half of this year, Outlander had nearly 8,000 cards and Pajero had 3,000 cards. Compared with the same period of last year, Pajero increased by 150% and Outlander increased by 110%. He said that in the second half of the year, with the launch of two new cars, the import target of Mitsubishi is relatively optimistic.

He introduced that there are 115 dealers imported from Mitsubishi, 78 of which are distributors who have been importing Mitsubishi, and 37 are distributors of GAC Mitsubishi. They have obtained the authorization of imported Mitsubishi and also sell imported Mitsubishi. He said that in terms of future channel development, because of the small number of models, imported Mitsubishi will expand its distribution network by means of domestic production and import and sale, and continue to find distributors who can sell imported Mitsubishi in the new network of GAC Mitsubishi and give them authorization. Increase sales channels.

In terms of new energy vehicles, Mitsubishi pure electric vehicle i-MiEV and plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV have been introduced to Europe, Japan and North America, and the cumulative total sales volume has reached 65,000 units worldwide. "Mitsubishi hopes to bring new energy vehicles to China, but what form to use and what specifications to develop in order to comply with China's technical standards are under study. However, as early as two years ago, Mitsubishi electric vehicles have been in Jiading, Shanghai. A test drive is available in the electric car park."

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