Precession Vortex Gas Flowmeter Installation and Maintenance Measures

Precession swirl gas flow meter, such as improper installation and maintenance, will not only affect the measurement accuracy, but also cause damage to the meter when it is serious: When moving the swirling gas flow meter, the sling should be placed on the neck of both ends of the flow meter flange. Do not install tube rods in the measuring tube for lifting so as not to damage the lining. Also, it should be prevented from being damaged by collisions with the vortex flowmeter's wiring socket. It must be ensured that the swirling gas flowmeter is centered on the center of the process piping, and the grounding wire is connected, otherwise it will cause errors.

Precession vortex flowmeter has no mechanical moving parts, small size, corrosion resistance, stable performance; can directly display the working pressure, temperature, flow rate of the medium and the gas volume under the standard state; wide range of measurement range, small measurement error, etc. It is widely used in the production and measurement of oil and gas wells and in the measurement of natural gas sales. In field applications over the years, we believe that the flow meter is best suited for relatively clean dry gas metering and gradually becomes the preferred meter for small and medium gas metering. We must ensure that the precession vortex flowmeter measures accurately and reduce the measurement error.

Precession swirl gas flowmeter generally does not need daily maintenance, but the measured medium is easy to adhere or foul on the inner wall of the electrode and the measuring tube. The inner wall of the measuring tube and the electrode must be cleaned regularly, taking care not to damage the lining or the electrode.

When the precession swirl gas flow meter fails, refer to the following reasons to find, analyze and troubleshoot.
1. Whether the pipeline is full of pipes, and whether the lining and the electrodes are fouled.
2, all cable connections are reliable.
3, whether the grounding requirements are met.
4. Whether the magnetic coil is short-circuited or broken, and whether it is insulated to ground.
5. Whether the pipeline is leaking, whether the upstream and downstream valves have influence, and whether the installation position is appropriate.

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