Hanging bucket garbage truck working principle and characteristics

In all kinds of industry work, daily sanitation work is often overlooked by people, but this is in contrast with the importance of sanitation work. In fact, the comfort of our daily living and working environment depends on the daily hard work of sanitation workers. From the point of view of the sanitation workers themselves, the sanitation work should be grasped with the correct direction of understanding. Only when any job is conscientious enough to make a difference can it be praised by the people. Therefore, for the professional vehicles used in daily sanitation, we should also be familiar with memorization. Here we will briefly familiarize ourselves with the working principle and characteristics of the hanging-type garbage trucks commonly used in the sanitation professional vehicles used in the cities.


I. Introduction to the working principle of the hanging garbage truck . The bucket-type garbage truck uses hydraulic pressure to drive the work of a dedicated device. The most special components of the hydraulic system are hydraulic cylinders. Other components include fuel tanks, oil pumps, multi-way reversing valves, oil filters, and so on. The engine provides the power to the power take-off and the oil pump is rotated by the connected transmission. Different modes of operation can be achieved by switching the operation of the multi-way directional valve to lift the control hydraulic cylinder to complete the automatic unloading work.

Second, the hanging bucket garbage truck work structure characteristics. The garbage trucks in the hanging tanks are selected in the car's stereotyped automobile chassis that has reached professional standards, and special equipment is installed on the chassis base during manufacturing. These modified components are the professional performance of hanging garbage trucks. These include unique operating systems, self-container equipment, self-loading equipment, and hydraulic systems. A professional workflow is achieved through the transformation of various functions of a unique operating system. The operation of the car to automatically open and close the lid is controlled by an operation switch on the dial. After the lid is opened, the self-loading material can then be completed by the operation of the multi-way valve handle. It should be noted that before the operation of the multi-way valve, a power take-off device should be attached to drive the pump. Self-contained container equipment is often a closed all-metal component. The feed box cover is at the front of the container and the side is self-loaded. The automatic door can be unloaded when opened automatically at the rear of the container. Self-loading equipment is generally located on the front side of the container and consists of cylinders, chain members, hooks, brackets and other elements. The use of this equipment is mainly to unload the garbage in the matching trash can into the container. Through the implementation and implementation of special functions of the hydraulic system.

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