New energy refrigerated truck, where is the "new"

To be honest, the new energy refrigerated truck , this name sounds very tempting, especially in line with conservation of resources, the development of new energy, the purpose of taking the road of sustainable development, but then, is the new energy refrigerated truck is really energy-saving and environmental protection, clean Is hygiene just a name, just a compelling name?


With the improvement of people’s quality of life and the acceleration of the pace of life, people’s demand for quick-frozen foods and fresh foods has increased significantly. How to use cold chain to protect the safety of frozen food products has become the focus of attention of the industry. Industry knowledge shows that in the whole cold chain of frozen foods, the final kilometer distribution in the city has become a weak logistics link. In the face of the last kilometer problem of logistics distribution in frozen food cities, the new energy refrigerated truck has become the main force to solve the problem.

Above is a new energy refrigerated truck introduced by Aucma. The refrigerated truck adopts battery-driven, no fuel, low cost of car purchase and maintenance, convenient delivery, free from urban road traffic control, and becomes the final frozen logistics chain of logistics companies. One kilometer solution.

In terms of configuration, Aucma new energy refrigerated truck adopts imported brand-name refrigeration unit to ensure accurate temperature and reliable quality. The body adopts polyurethane extruded board insulation layer and is formed by vacuum compounding. The appearance is smooth and beautiful, and it is durable and durable. Higher added value.

In terms of intelligence, Aucma's new energy refrigerated trucks are equipped with a GPS positioning system, which can realize real-time monitoring and management of logistics and distribution, and increase the intensive degree of goods distribution for logistics companies, making logistics companies avoid cold chain distribution cards in the process. Kilometers.

Under the theme of advocating energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, the new energy refrigerated truck is the best solution to perfectly solve cold chain logistics and protect the environment, and will become the mainstream development direction. New energy refrigerated trucks will become the mainstream of cold chain logistics distribution in the future due to their advantages of compactness, light weight, low consumption, and durability, and will gradually become the best choice for users.

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