The old driver of the business car takes you to know the car spare tire

It may only be possible for a commercial vehicle driver who has experienced a puncture during driving to know the importance of the spare tire on the vehicle. Since there is a spare tire for a commercial vehicle, it will have its value. However, some of the drivers’ understanding of the spare tire is not always complete, let alone maintenance and checking the condition of the spare tire. In fact, every driver of a commercial vehicle should seriously understand the spare tire so that it will not be at a loss when the tire needs to be replaced when the tire fails.


Vehicle spare tires need to be differentiated according to the type, and can be roughly divided into non-full-size spare tires and full-size spare tires. Non-full-sized spare tires are those whose tread width will be narrower, or whose spare tire size will be relatively small. Generally, they are iron rims that will be used, and are limited to the driving speed of commercial vehicles. The non-full-sized spare tire can only play a role of temporarily replacing the original tire. A full-size spare tire will be better understood, that is, the tire's specifications are the same as those of the four original tires for commercial vehicles, and they will generally use the same tires as the original tires.

The parameters of spare tires for commercial vehicles need to be consistent with those of the original tires, among which are the number of payloads and their speed grades and dimensions. And these related parameters indicate how many weights the tires can run on. The tire of a commercial vehicle is closely related to the safety of driving.

It is not only necessary to understand well the parameters and dimensions of spare tires for commercial vehicles. When using vehicles on a daily basis, it is also necessary to check the status of spare tires and the cleaning of tire pressure at regular intervals or from time to time. Tire pressure for spare tires of commercial vehicles is generally required to maintain the original tire pressure level higher than the original level. When archiving spare tires, it is necessary to prevent leakage.

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