Dura-Shred Professional Metal Processing Machine (TSD1651)

  • Model NO.: TSD1651
  • Voltage: as Per Customer Request
  • Material Processed: Rubber
  • Knife Type: Piece Knife Crusher
  • HP/Kw: 37kw*2
  • Blade Thickness: 40mm-75mm
  • Cutting Chamber L*W: 1304*858
  • Specification: 37KW*2
  • HS Code:
  • Certification: ISO, CE, GMA, QS, UL, FDA, SGS
  • Type: Rubber Recycling Machine
  • Automation: Automatic
  • Screw: Multi-Screw
  • Capacity: 5-10t/H
  • Blade Diameter: 542mm
  • Trademark: Dure-shred
  • Origin: Wuxi, China
Welcome to Dura-shred company and thank you for your interests in the products:Dura-shred Professional Metal Processing Machine(TSD1651)

About Dura-shred. Who are we?
Dura-Shred has been focusing on designing and manufacturing equipment for the recycling industry since 2001 and is emerging as a leader in providing cost effective turnkey tire recycling systems. Our main focus is to provide custom designed tire recycling systems that deliver optimum production for a variety of applications such as TDF (Tire Derived Fuel), rubber mulch, and crumb rubber.

About our products. What are we produce?
We provide our customers with cost effective turnkey recycling equipment. Including TDF plant, rubber mulch plant, rubber crumb plant and rubber powder plant. Beside the plant, we also provide our customers with high quality low price single machines, including Double shaft shredder, Grater(Rasper), Granulator and Miller. For more information, please visit our website;;dura-shred.cn or: http://dura-shred.en.alibaba.com. Followings are some brief introduction of our main machines:

Double Shaft Shredder-to make 25-152mm rubber chips.
Dura-Shred's Double shaft shredders are designed with an aggressive low RPM, high torque shredding technology. As the primary shredder it quickly and easily shreds tires into rubber strips ready for further processing. The input can be car tires, truck tires and OTR tires.

Grater(Rasper)-to make 12-25mm wire free rubber mulch
Dura-shred's Rasper is made for mid-stream grinding and steel separation. With unique single shaft design, it can separate the steel in the rubber and produce rubber mulch with the capacity of 3-6t/h.

Granulators-to make 1-6mm fiber free rubber crumb
Dura-shred's Granulators are designed to grind the rubber mulch from the Rasper into small granules as fine as 10 mesh. The granules are screened and re-circulated until the desired size is reached.

Miller-to make 30-120mesh rubber powder
Dura -shred's millers are designed to mill the granules of 1-6mm to 30-120mesh. The final size is determined by adjustable centrifugal screen. The final products can be widely used in rubber products like rubber asphalt pavement, color composite and rubber floor tiles.

About the operation. How many people will need and how to control this whole system?
Dura -shred's waste tire recycling system is totally automatic. We adopt Siemens PLC with Schneider spare parts in it. Meanwhile, a whole plant-from waste tire to powder, roughly 9 people are needed:1 Plant Manager, 6 Operators per shift and 2 Maintenance Technicians per shift.

About our factory, where are we?
Our production plant is located in Wuxi, China, with headquarters in Shanghai, China. We have a modernized factory with an experienced professional work force. Our management team comprises of multi-culture and bi-lingual professionals fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. Dura-Shred has a turnkey service that allows us to export to all major international ports.

About cooperation, if I were a trader, how can I cooperate with Dura-shred?
Dura-Shred's promises that we will cooperate with our partners no matter you are a trader or factory, no matter where you are from. What we will do is to provide you with advance technology and high quality products. Besides, by cooperating with Dura- shred, you will benefit as following:
1. You can get one complete line at the lowest price.
2. You do not need to worry about anything such as installation, debugging, worker training and maintenance etc.
3. Your tire shredding plant will be a show plant.
4. As we all known, China's market is a big cake. Through the cooperation, we can help you to sell the final product.
My connections: Mr.Charles Huang
E-mail: Charles@tqwinner.com
Skype:Charles Dura

TSD2471(182) TSD1663(137) TSD1651 TSD1347(86) TSD1340 TSD1332 TSD832
Motor Specifications Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
Number of Motors 2 2 2 2 2 2 2
HP 55KWX2 45KWX2 37KWX2 22KWX2 22KWX2 15KWX2 7.5KWX2
Voltage as per customer request as per customer request as per customer request as per customer request as per customer request as per customer request as per customer request
Cutting Chamber Split Chamber Split Chamber Split Chamber intact Chamber intact Chamber intact Chamber intact Chamber
Large Blade Thickness 75mm 75mm 75mm 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Small Blade Thickness 40mm 40mm 40mm / / / /
Blade Diameter 754mm 542mm 542mm 450mm 450mm 450mm 284mm
Cutting Chamber L*W 1804X1410 1604X858 1304X858 1204X686 1004x686 804x686 804x460
Equipment Dimensions 5876x2310x3493 5464x2624x3040 4280x2206x2492 4092x1416x2163 3892x1416x2163 3327x1030x2075 2796x1256x2311
Equipment Weight 22400kg 13700kg 12500kg 6300kg 5800kg 4700kg 2000kg
Hopper Opening 3711x2438x1046 2835x1628x770 2335x1628x770 1521x1416x695 1321x1416x695 1120x1257x800 1120x1256x800
Capacity 15-20t/h 10-15t/h 5-10t/h 3-5t/h 2-3t/h 1-2t/h 800-1000kg/h
Product Size Range 40mm-75mm 40mm-75mm 40mm-75mm 40mm chips 40mm chips 40mm chips 40mm chips
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