Abnormal analysis of gate system

Does the car pass?
1. Is the vehicle detector wiring correct (1, 2 to 220V power supply; 7, 8 grounding inductance coil; 3, 4 connection gate main board signal interface);
2. When there is no car, the signal light of the vehicle detector will be on (it will indicate that the interference is felt when it is lit);
3. When the car is on the ground, the signal light of the vehicle detector will be on (not lit to indicate that no signal is detected, check whether the ground line is short-circuited);
4. After the car passes, the ground signal light is extinguished (not extinguished, indicating that the ground sense is disturbed);
5. Ungrounded, check whether the gate is up or down (determine whether the gate limit is normal);
6. When the rod is not in the horizontal position, short the connection line on the control panel of the gate, and see if the rod will rise and then fall.

Road Marking Machine is professional choice for athletic floor and pavement working.

Electric pressure control and swivel front wheels provide excellent line quality.

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  Versatile gun bracket can be adjusted according to your working demands.

3) Handle bars control

  Both handle bars control are designed for better control without stopping


4) Swivel front wheels

  It uses car wheels. Swivel front wheel makes striping up to the curb easier. Stripe arcs and

  curves with ease.

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