Farmer Detector Digs Out "Golden Treasure" (Photos)


When strolling around, Britain’s biggest bronze age gold treasures have been found to be worth “hundreds of thousands of pounds” so that it became rich overnight. According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on the 24th, in September last year, when the 46-year-old British farmer Steve · When Tyler took the metal detector and wandered around on the farm, he never expected that he could dig out 57 gold treasures of the British Bronze Age here, and suddenly became rich.

Unexpected discovery of treasure when strolling

According to reports, Tyler is 46 years old and is a farm worker in the city of Chertham, England. On an afternoon in September 2004, after the crop was harvested, Taylor wandered around with a metal detector on the farm lawn.

Taylor recalled: "I didn't think that there would be a treasure buried in the farm. I thought I would only find some lost coins at most." But soon the metal detectors began to make a humming alarm. So Taylor stopped and dug up the mud to look for it. To his surprise, he soon discovered several rings and other pieces of jewelry. This discovery has greatly increased the enthusiasm for Tyler's treasure hunt. In the following weeks, he continued to dig a treasure with a metal detector and found more pieces of bronze jewelry from the Bronze Age.

A huge value stunned cultural relic expert

According to British cultural expert Alan Crickmore, Tyler discovered a total of 57 treasures, of which the total weight of gold cultural relics was 261.3 grams and the total weight of bronze artifacts was 139.7 grams.

Nidham, the director of the Bronze Age Exhibition Hall at the British Museum, said: “This is the largest bronze jewellery treasure discovered in the UK so far! This discovery is of great significance.” It is learned that the British Treasure Value Committee Experts are about to evaluate the batch of artifacts. According to insider estimates, the total value of the batch of cultural relics will likely reach “hundreds of thousands of pounds”.

Who will find the treasure in Britain?

On the 23rd, after learning of this news, Taylor and his wife were ecstatic. When Taylor was first hired by the farmer, the two parties had signed an agreement that, if anything was discovered on the farm, Taylor would have the right to share half of the proceeds with the farmer.

According to reports, in accordance with the "Treasure Law" enacted by Britain in 1996, the treasures that were accidentally discovered belonged to the discoverer and landowner. However, items identified as "treasures" must have a history of at least 300 years and must contain 10% of gold or silver.