Electronic product precision assembly automation production line development and demonstration project over acceptance

[ China Instrument Network Instrument Research and Development ] Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology High-tech Division organized experts in Shenzhen to accept the "12th Five-Year" National Science and Technology Support Program "Development and Demonstration of Electronic Product Precision Assembly Automation Production Line" project.

The project “Development and Demonstration of Electronic Product Precision Assembly Automation Production Line” was reported by Gutech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., with a matching amount of about RMB 550,000.
Gutech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in the Asia-Pacific region, specializing in the research and development of core technologies for motion control and automation. It is one of the important enterprises in the field of intelligent instruments and equipment at home and abroad. Industrial control fields such as microelectronics, robotics, CNC machine tools, electronic processing and inspection, printing, packaging, and production automation.
Automated assembly refers to an assembly technique that replaces manual labor with automated machinery. Automated assembly technology uses robots as the assembly machine and requires flexible peripherals. In the assembly process, the automated assembly can perform the following forms of operation: part transfer, positioning and connection; press-fit or fastening screws and nuts to fix the parts to each other; assembly size control and quality of the parts connected or fixed; Assembled parts or products and packaged or stacked in a container.
This project is aimed at the development trend of high-speed, high-precision, intelligent and human-machine collaborative work safety mechanism for robotic automated production lines in the electronics industry. It focuses on high-speed visual positioning of robotic automated production lines, high-speed lightweight industrial robot mechanism optimization design, and multi-dimensional force control of robot operation. And other key technologies, developed a fast and precise automated assembly line for high-speed industrial robots in the electronics industry, solving high-speed image processing and recognition technology, high-precision 3D vision detection technology, serialized high-speed high-precision and lightweight industrial robot mechanism optimization design, force-bit mixing Core issues such as compliant control, multi-configuration industrial robots have been promoted and applied in the electronics industry and other related fields, promoting the development of automation and intelligence in the electronics industry and related fields.
At present, the project results have been applied in Beijing Jinchen Xiweike Security Printing Co., Ltd. and other units, and achieved obvious economic and social benefits.
(Source: Ministry of Science and Technology, Baidu Encyclopedia, Gutech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)

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