Pneumatic Flanged Knife Gate Valve (GAPZ643H)

Model NO.: GAPZ643H
Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage
Trademark: GOOLE, OEM
Origin: China(Mainland)
HS Code: 8481804090
Selection of Pneumatic Actuator.
  1. Double acting type;Spring return type.
  2. Solenoid valve,power source can be 24V,220V.
  3. Prox switch
  4. Air units:filter regulator/lubricator combination.
  5. E/P positioner(only for control type).
Basic Parameters of Electric Device.
  1. Power souce:380V AC,50HZ or on request.
  2. Levels of Protection:IP65,IP67.,etc,Ex-proof type is available.
  3. Ambient temperature:-20 - 40 degree Celsius.
Features of Electric Device.
  1. Quick open and close,high reliablity,Full automation.
  2. Ex-proof type actuator can be use in flammable and combustible or poisonous environment.
  3. Equipped with manual device,in the case of power-off,can open or close valve manually,prevent accident occuring.
Main Specifications.
1.Design & manufacture confirm to JB/T8691-1998;MSS-SP-81. 
2.Face to face length confirm to GB/T15188.2-94;MSS-SP-81;DIN 3202.
3.Flange ends dimension confirm to GB/T9113.1-2000;JB/T79-94;ANSI B16.5;EN1092.
4.Test & inspection confirm to GB/T13927-92;API 598.

Main Parts and Material.
Part Name Part Material
Body,Bonnet Carbon steel,Stainless steel
Stem Stainless steel
Valve plate Stainless steel
Seal Rubber,PTFE,Stainless steel,hard alloy.

Main Performance Specification.
Nominal Pressure PN
Shell test 1.5 x PN
Seal test 1.1 x PN
Working temperature. 80-425 degree Celsius
Working medium Syrup,paper pulp,sewage,coal slurry,dust,slag-water mix..,etc.
Main External Dimensions.
DN 50 65 80 100 125 150 200
H 335 363 395 465 530 630 750
DN 250 300 350 400 450 500 600
H 960 1125 1260 1450 1600 1820 2300

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