Smoke Fire Detector: A New "Artifact" to Prevent Fire Accidents

Home is a cozy harbor, but also a storeroom for a large number of flammable items. Aging of wires in households, improper use of electrical appliances, open flames, smoking, etc. can ignite flammable indoor materials and trigger home fires.

Not long ago, Ms. Han’s home had a big fire, and because no one at home was able to find the fire in time, the fire burned her new home beyond recognition. The cause of this tragedy is that Ms. Han forgot to turn off the electric switch and ignited the bedding. While regretting her carelessness, Ms. Han also regrets that she did not install smoke detection equipment at her home.

Object Sensing

Home fires are happening almost every day. Once they happen, if you do not find the fire in time, it will cause great damage to the family. It is not as good as taking preventive measures to prevent damage. The installation of a smoke and fire detection product can instantly detect the concentration of smoke in the air, real-time detection of fire hazards, and avoid loss.

The traditional smoke fire detection equipment can only give an alarm at the installation site. When no one is in the house, the owner of the smoke fire detection equipment cannot be informed in time even if it sends out an alarm. The new intelligent smoke fire detection equipment is connected to the Internet. Through the cloud service, alarm information can be sent to the user's mobile phone/tablet in a timely manner, facilitating users to take timely measures to control the fire.

All the major manufacturers have seen the market segment of smart smoke detection equipment. Google and Apple have taken actions. Google acquired Nest's NestProtect smart smoke sensor into its own, Apple rushed to apply for wireless smoke detector patents, trying to exclude others from entering the smart smoke sensor market.

Object Sensing

The price of NestProtect smart smoke detector is extremely unfriendly, Apple's smart smoke sensor equipment still stays on the patent, and it can be purchased now. The smart smoke fire detection equipment with high cost performance is very few. It is launched by Nanjing Wulian Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. Smart home smoke fire detector is one of them.

Smart Home Smoke Fire Detector is a smart home security device based on ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless protocol. It can detect the concentration of smoke in the air. Once the concentration exceeds the safety threshold, the smart home smoke fire detector will perform a local alarm and immediately send an alarm message to the user's mobile phone/tablet. If users have other smart home devices in their homes and smoke and fire alarm solutions are set up, then smart home smoke fire detectors can also be linked to open water valves, doors and windows, and exhaust systems to deal with hidden dangers and provide users with valuable time. Reduce the risk of home fires as much as possible.

The instant trigger, remote alarm, autonomous linkage, and safety and reliability of the smart home smoke fire detector make it applicable to different occasions. Besides common smart homes, it can also be used in surveillance systems, smart hospitals, smart hotels, smart buildings, It is used in smart breeding and other occasions to provide a reliable and useful tool for fire accident prevention.

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