Analysis of World Tea Beverage Packaging Status

In a sense, tea is a noble drink and a high-tech product. This is due to the function of the tea and the technological requirements of the tea beverage itself.
The catechins and caffeine contained in the tea not only impart specific functional effects to the tea, but also cause difficulties in the extraction and preservation of the tea. At present, modern science and technology have broken through many problems in the production of tea beverages, and packaging and preservation have become the key that manufacturers must attach great importance to.

According to statistics, the tea beverages that are already in use all over the world are (1) glass bottles, (2) metal cans, (3) paper aluminum-plastic composite brick type Tetra Pak, (4) PET bottles (PET, PEN), etc. . The domestic market is mainly metal three-piece cans, Tetra Pak and polyester bottles (PET). The following analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of using the three types of packaging:

1 tinplate three-piece cans

Most domestic tea beverage manufacturers have built a three-piece can production line, such as Shandong Longxi Oolong Tea, Hebei Sunrise Sun Ice Tea, and Shanghai Fudi Oolong Tea. Specifications are 320, 350, 385ml and so on. The advantages of metal cans are their strong adaptability to processing, low loss, excellent barrier properties, and colorful packaging printing, but the cost is high, and the requirements for inner coating of filled teas are more stringent. Most of the quality problems of such tea beverages are caused by non-uniform coating. Environmental protection is also more difficult. In addition, due to restrictions on resources, markets, capital, and technical conditions, the national industrial policy still does not allow large-scale promotion. However, there is still a certain demand for three-piece cans in large and medium-sized cities.

2. Paper/Aluminum/Plastic Tetra Pak

At present, Taiwan is a popular form of packaging. In the country, such as Jiangsu unified black tea, wheat milk tea, Hangzhou top new green tea. The main specifications are 250, 300, 380ml. Due to the use of multi-layer composites, the inner wall of the packaging and the tea are sterilized separately, aseptically filled, cleaned by the CIP system, the product has a long shelf life, and the packaging cost is relatively cheap. However, the equipment is complex and the cost is high. The domestic introduction of multiple production lines has not been able to produce at full capacity so far. The shape of processing and packaging is similar, and the product has poor intuitiveness. The sales in the domestic market have been low. The author believes that such packaging should be oriented to the tourism market and primary and secondary students. And pay attention to keeping prices low.

3, PEN and heat-resistant PET (PEN) bottle

PET (PolyethyleneTerephthlate) is a kind of pressure-resistant polyester material. It was first introduced to the market by American PepsiCo in the 1970s. Due to its low price, transparency, hermeticity and compressive strength, it reached 2 million tons globally in 1995, accounting for 37% of the global soft drinks market. However, it is necessary to use ultra-high-temperature instantaneous sterilization for non-carbonated beverages (below 0°C, neck softening and volume contraction). UHT) is cooled and sealed under aseptic conditions, which imposes stringent requirements on the filling environment and equipment technology. Japan Nissei (ASB) Machinery Manufacturing Corporation introduced the HSO series heat-resistant PET (PEN) bottle production technology and equipment to the market in the early 1990s. It added an oven heating process to the ordinary PET production process to shorten the original heating of the tube. Time, increase the crystallization temperature, thereby increasing the crystallization speed and crystallization effect, so that the PEN bottle can be hot-filled, that is, the tea beverage filling at 85 ~ 90 °C. Hot filling will undoubtedly provide favorable conditions for simplifying the production of tea beverages and ensuring the quality of tea products. Japan's Ito, Asahi, Suntory and other companies have adopted heat-resistant PEN to achieve better economic benefits. However, due to the high cost of equipment (a production line of about 1.5 million US dollars), the bottle price is more than 1 times the ordinary PET bottle, and daunting.

4, PP and BOPP bottles

In order to find tea beverage packaging suitable for China's national conditions, cheap, and unique in shape, but also suitable for hot packaging, in 1996 the author found that the Japanese Nagano FONTIER company and the United States used a new type of two-way stretch blow molding technology, and by Hong Kong Garda The industrial company has introduced two models of the EFB2000P and EFB1000R biaxial stretch blow molding machines to the Asian market.

Polypropylene (PP) hollow containers produced by ordinary injection (squeeze) blowing method are better than PET in barrier property, heat resistance and rigidity, but their transparency and low temperature impact resistance are inferior to those of PET. Therefore, ordinary PP is used in food packaging. The application in the container progressed slowly. The biaxially stretched PET bottles produced by the injection (squeeze) one-pull-blow process have greatly improved many properties, reduced weight after stretching, and saved raw materials.

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