PLC enters Wenzhou pharmaceutical machinery and packaging machinery market

With the increase of market demand for pharmaceutical machinery and the rapid development of packaging machinery, the level of technology and equipment will be further enhanced.

The Wenzhou pharmaceutical machinery industry accounts for about one-third of the national market share. The annual production value is estimated to exceed RMB 5 billion. This year, the industry will actively build China's pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing industry base, do a good job in the application of state-level gold business cards, as well as the expansion of high-tech industrial bases and preparations for national industry exhibitions in Wenzhou.

In terms of packaging machinery, according to statistics, the global demand for packaging machinery is growing at an annual rate of 5.3%. In 2007, the demand has reached 31 billion US dollars. Such a large packaging machinery market has provided broad development space for packaging machinery manufacturers worldwide. Due to the peculiarities of drug production, drug packaging from materials to packaging methods, from environmental requirements to label processing, is more stringent than food packaging, and the restrictions are even more stringent. This makes the pharmaceutical packaging machinery develop into a relatively independent machinery industry.

China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery from scratch, from small to large; from imitation to independent research and development, after years of development, now China's pharmaceutical machinery industry has begun to take shape, and in the GMP (Pharmaceutical Production Quality Management) certification for several years It has achieved great development. In the pharmaceutical industry, there are mandatory regulations for automatic packaging, and automatic packaging is required for tablets, powders, and granular drugs to eliminate contamination. According to the above requirements, the bag forming-filling-sealing machine has become a widely used mechanical product in the medical machinery industry.

Since pharmaceutical equipment is an important part of GMP hardware, since the country launched the GMP mandatory certification system, pharmaceutical companies around the world have accelerated the pace of technological transformation, and major upgrades of production equipment have brought great benefits to the pharmaceutical industry's upstream industry pharmaceutical machinery industry. The transformation of a large number of production lines has brought a huge market for pharmaceutical machinery companies. At present, the annual output value of the pharmaceutical packaging industry in China is approximately 15 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate exceeds 10%. However, it can only meet the needs of about 80% of domestic pharmaceutical companies, and 65% of China's pharmaceutical packaging still lags behind the world average level in the 1980s.

Accelerating the technological upgrading and replacement of pharmaceutical machinery and pharmaceutical packaging machinery will become the key to the future development of the pharmaceutical industry. Yiwei Automation knows the needs of customers in a timely manner, provides high-tech products and industry solutions, and plays a role in accelerating the upgrading of the industry. Its UniMAT brand PLC will provide customers with better services with its cost-effective and outstanding personalized customized services.

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