How to prevent robbery?

The seizure of the car by the coaster caused great harm to the victim’s personal property. Only by adopting appropriate defense measures can we prevent the illegal infringement of speeding cars.
The police reminded the general public to pay attention to the following:
1. While walking, look at the landforms along the route, pay attention to suspicious individuals, keep alert at any time, and pay special attention to keeping necessary safety distances with suspicious strangers or obstacles while walking; take portable objects such as backpacks and the like. By the side of the road.
2. Try not to pass through the secluded, sparsely populated areas with complicated terrain, poor lighting conditions, and poor public security conditions. When you need to cross the road, be sure to look forward, look around, look around and pass quickly.
3, Do not carry valuables with you, so that wealth is not exposed; in the case of carrying valuables, especially in and out of banks and other financial places, should pay attention to observe whether there are abnormal circumstances around, pay attention to avoid tracking, trying to approach suspicious personnel.
4. In the case of criminals robbery, they should be prepared for fear, brave and brave, calmly respond, and urgently call for help to launch as many people around as possible to deal with criminals.
5, in the case of criminals to act in a timely manner to take proper defense.