Yichang Xingfa intends to invest RMB 10 billion to develop phosphorus silicon chemical industry

On September 29th, from the signing ceremony of Yichang Xingfa Group 122 project, it was reported that Xingfa Group will invest 10 billion yuan in the development of the use of phosphorus chemical resources and silicon resources during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period in Hubei. After the project is completed, the output value will reach 20 billion yuan, and profits and taxes will be 2 billion yuan. Yichang Xingfa Group is the largest fine phosphorous product in China and the largest hexametaphosphate producer in the world. It has large-scale production bases in Xingshan, Baokang, Shennongjia, Yichang and Yunnan and Guizhou. The annual production capacity is near. million tons. Yichang Xingfa Group invested in Liyang and laid the foundation for the city to create a 100 billion-class industry in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

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