There is stress in storing items in trunk box

Everybody in the trunk knows that it is used to store items. Many people like to put a few things in it. Although the trunk space is large, it can store a lot of things, but something should never be placed in the trunk. What?

1. Valuables


Everyone knows that valuables cannot be placed in the trunk, but there are always some owners of Madagascar who will forget that they may only feel that they have left for a moment. It is not a problem to put them in the trunk. In fact, many windows are now paralysed. The case of stolen items has become commonplace. When you meet a thief, it really prevents you from preparing. Therefore, to be on the safe side, don't put valuables on the car.

2. Food


The air in the car always exudes a strange and strange taste, so that for people who are sensitive to the smell of leather in the car, the smell is always lethargic. Sometimes people who ride in order to divert attention, perhaps some small snacks stored in the car, we were able to smell the smell yet to make us feel some discomfort, then we smell the scent will have an impact on our store food in the car, maybe long-term storage of these foods in the car will be affected by these gases, perhaps after eating can cause physical discomfort, severe may be food poisoning.

3. Heavy items

Often, some owners prefer to place heavy things in the trunk, such as heavy- duty sports equipment such as bicycles. Here, you can remind the owners that overweight items will appear in the trunk and damage the suspension, increasing the load. And fuel consumption.

4 Dangerous goods

For example, inflammable and explosive items, when there was no previous ban on whipping, it was always very dangerous to see people holding trunks carrying fireworks for the holidays.

And there are a few things that you must put in the trunk

1. Tire pressure gauge, automatic air pump


If there is a tire pressure test, the tire pressure gauge can be placed at home, and the automatic air pump on the car can facilitate you to check the tire pressure at any time and make up for any time. Improve driving safety

2. Tow rope

If you go out, if the car fails, with this tow rope, if you have a friend to help, you can easily solve the problem and repair the trailer directly.

3. Take the wire

If the winter vehicle fails to start, or if the car forgets to turn off the headlights overnight and the battery is dead, taking the wires will help you to reach the repair shop and replace the battery.

4. First aid kits, medicines

There is no chance that the first-aid kit and the usual medicines on the train will make use of it.

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