Non-national five-standard new car can't stay on the card to buy a car

Did you buy a new car that is a national five emission standard? If not, then it is very likely that you will not be able to play.

Yesterday morning, the Joint Supervision Bureau of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Jinhua City carried out an on-site inspection of the implementation of the five-standard vehicles of some 4S shops in the urban area. It is reported that this inspection is based on the unified arrangement of the province and part of Jinhua’s special law enforcement inspection on the compliance of motor vehicles with respect to environmental standards.

According to regulations, there are three kinds of "national four" standard cars still have a "buffering period."

That is, before April 1, 2016 (excluding April 1st), a new car sales contract has been signed, or a unified sales invoice for a new car has been issued, or the province’s foreign vehicle management office has already transferred the business to the “National IV. "Standard vehicles can be registered and transferred to the administrative area of ​​Zhejiang Province before June 1, 2016 (excluding June 1st).

In addition, the second-hand car of the “National IV” standard in the province is temporarily unaffected and can be transferred to the normal transfer within the province, and can also be resold to an area that has not yet implemented the national five standard. For the national standard vehicles that have already settled on the card in Jinhua, the annual inspection and collection of environmental protection signs will not be affected.

China's five standard new car can be on the card

From April 1st this year, Jinhua and the province will implement the fifth phase of the National Vehicle Pollutant Emission Standard (hereinafter referred to as the “National Five Standards”), which will not meet the import, sales, registration, and registration outside the province's five emission standards. Light-duty gasoline vehicles, light-duty diesel passenger cars and heavy-duty diesel vehicles (for public transport, sanitation, and postal use only) will not be sold in this Municipality. Environmental protection agencies will not issue environmental protection inspection marks and the traffic management department of the public security organ will not handle them. Registration.

In other words, if you recently want to buy a private car, you must choose the national five standard, or you can not drive on the road.

If you don't know or understand the model, you can log in to the National Environmental Protection Agency's Vehicle Environmental Protection Network () and enter the vehicle's brand and model number to check whether it meets the National Five Standard.

In yesterday's random inspection, the relevant departments visited a total of 6 auto 4S shops and inspected 30 vehicles on site, involving domestic, joint venture, and imported brands.

"We mainly check the vehicle certificate, vehicle nameplate information, body VIN code consistency, and query the vehicle environmental protection notice, determine the confirmation of vehicle emission standards." Ma Guoqiang, director of the Jinhua Automobile Vehicle Exhaust Pollution Prevention and Management Center.

During the visit, the environmental protection department discovered that a 4S standard light diesel passenger car was still placed in a 4S shop showroom. In response, the person in charge of the 4S store stated that the car is a prototype car and has no inventory and ceased to sell.

The inspectors demanded that the 4S shop publicize the relevant contents of the State Five emission standards in a prominent position and inform the buyers of the relevant regulations during the sales process.

New Standard Effectively Reduces Pollutant Emissions

Ma Guoqiang said that the new standard imposes more stringent controls on the emission of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and suspended particulates in motor vehicles.

The reporters found out that the National Five standard further improved the emission control requirements compared with the original National IV standard, in which the limits for the emission of nitrogen oxides were strictly 25% to 28%, and the emission limits for particulate matter were strict. 82%, and increased the new indicator of pollutant control - the number of particle particles.

“This means that the exhaust emission standards have been increased, which is conducive to environmental protection.” Ma Guoqiang said that prior to the implementation of the five-nation motor vehicle standard policy, Jinhua had already used the national five-standard gasoline and diesel oil earlier this year.

After the upgrade, the sulphur content of the National Five-Standards Gasoline and Diesel decreased considerably, and if calculated on an equivalent-emission vehicle, five vehicles used five sulphur dioxide emissions from the country's five standard oil products and one used the four standard oil products. The amount is quite.

The environmental protection department stated that the next inspection will also be conducted on the environmental compliance of motor vehicles in use. The inspection targets are mainly registered heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

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