The latest smoothing device in the open gear

1 Lubrication mechanism and current status of open gears Most of the lubrication of open gears is in a mixed lubrication state and is mainly in the boundary lubrication state. Under boundary lubrication conditions, various active substances in the lubricating oil form an oil film on the tooth surface through physical adsorption and chemical reaction, and the extreme pressure resistance and firmness of the chemical film are much higher than that of the physical film. The formation of the tooth surface protective film is related to various working conditions. Generally, the tooth surface is mainly lubricated by the adsorption film under low load, and the mixed film coexists under medium load, and the chemical film is mainly under heavy load. The formation of the oil film is a complicated process. If a solid lubricating material is added to the lubricating oil, the solid lubricating material plays a vital role in the case of high temperature and high pressure.
Lubrication failure of open gears depends mainly on the manufacturing process, installation accuracy, operating conditions, lubrication conditions, and so on. Mainly manifested as tooth surface burns, abrasions, tooth surface pitting, gluing and so on. Tooth surface burn is mainly caused by excessive tooth surface load and lack of oil, which causes the tooth surface temperature to rise seriously. The original material changes due to high temperature; the scratch is caused by factors such as the abrasive grain temperature of various impurities during the movement of the gear. The tooth surface oil film is destroyed by dry friction, causing the tooth surface to be scratched in the sliding direction; pitting is the tooth surface that is subjected to multiple cycles of high contact stress, and small pieces or small pieces of material are peeled off in a local area of ​​the tooth surface to form a pitting or The pits; the gluing is the intermeshing tooth surface. Under the heavy load, the boundary lubrication film is broken, and the tooth surface metal is welded and damaged and glued.
The lubrication failure of open gears is related to many factors, but the improvement of lubrication conditions is very beneficial to reduce or eliminate wear, abrasion, pitting, gluing and other wear.
2 Tianrui Group's open gear lubrication situation Tianrui Group had many problems in the selection of open gear oil before 2005.
Open gears in the cement industry are operated at low speed and heavy load, and the operating environment is relatively harsh, such as: dust, water, high temperature, long time, etc. Due to the large and heavy equipment and the flow of water, once the equipment is in trouble, it will seriously affect the production. Therefore, under the influence of many factors, the oil film of the lubrication part of the equipment requires the oil to have excellent extreme pressure resistance, oxidation resistance, water repellency, and good anti-pollution ability.
Before 2005, the selection of open gear lubricants was relatively random. The same open gears used a variety of brand lubricants, the same brand of lubricants used different models, and even what oils used in the oil, different brands The model oil is mixed. For example, the first 2500t/d cement dry production line in Henan built in 2002 used a variety of lubricants, including 460#, 680# gear oil, 220#, 320# asphalt type open gear oil, useful domestic brands and foreign brands. . Due to its poor adhesion performance and low extreme pressure resistance, the open gear tooth surface is difficult to form an effective lubricating protective film under heavy load, high temperature and continuous working conditions. The tooth surface is seriously worn and the tooth surface is bright. The scratch marks and the dry bite off phenomenon, the long-term thin oil lubrication makes the wear worse, causing the gear meshing gap to be too large, and the gear vibration phenomenon begins to appear. After the adjustment and adjustment of the gear, the foreign asphalt type open gear oil was selected. This oil has strong adhesion and good vibration damping effect, but the product quality is unstable and the thermal stability is poor, especially in winter. The gear meshing is not smooth, and the tooth surface has a bite phenomenon. This oil contains sulfide and has a corrosive effect on the tooth surface for a long time.
3 open gear extreme pressure lubricant application In order to achieve the best lubrication state of the gear, and not easy to pollute the environment, in October 2005 we selected a new HF-open gear extreme pressure lubricant produced by a chemical company, the lubricant It is made of new technology, new technology and new materials. In order to adapt to the harsh lubrication conditions of the cement industry equipment, the product uses a variety of multi-effect additives such as: high temperature antioxidants, adhesives, anti-emulsifiers, anti-corrosion agents; composite anti-wear agents and solid lubricants, etc. Their synergy achieves the best lubrication. We first used it on the 2500t/d rotary kiln open gear.
When the product was added, the starting current of the device was reduced from 590A to 550A, and it was found that the vibration of the device was significantly reduced. The oil in the tooth surface was sufficient through the observation hole, and there was no oil leakage.
In February 2006, due to non-equipment problems, we checked the gears in detail. Observe that the oil film on the tooth surface is well formed, the original wear is not aggravated, and the original scratched silk line is obviously atrophied, leaving only the silk marks, no longer picking up the hand, and the pitting pit is lubricated by the solid in the HF-open gear extreme pressure lubricant. The material becomes smaller and smaller. After the high temperature, high load, high water drenching and dusty equipment in summer, the operation was still good, which proved that the selection of this product has significantly improved the lubrication of the equipment.
In order to further prove the lubrication performance of this new open gear lubrication material, we applied it again in the 5000t/d production line in October 2006. The original oil is a special lubricant for a foreign brand, and its typical technical parameters are as follows 2.
Before the oil change, we observed the tooth surface, the tooth surface lubrication was basically good, but the oil leakage and vibration were slightly larger. We test the vibration amplitude of the pinion housing. See 3 for the results.
After switching to HF-open gear extreme pressure lubricant, we also tested the vibration amplitude of the pinion bearing housing. The result is 4.
From October 2006 to the end of the year, the maintenance equipment has been operating normally, without serious oil leakage. We wiped the tooth surface oil, and the oil film was obviously thickened and adsorbed with a layer of gray solid lubricating material. The gear material was not bright and the color was not visible. There are no abnormalities in the gears.
The successful application of HF-open gear extreme pressure lubricant on the rotary kiln open gear has prompted us to achieve satisfactory results in the ball mill, and its price is cheaper than imported products.
Through the application of this product, it has many advantages: good adhesion performance, strong self-sealing performance, temperature resistance, shear resistance, strong extreme pressure resistance, rapid, firm and long-lasting film formation, anti-watering, anti-dust and non-deteriorating .
4 Conclusion Through the successful application of the domestic brand new HF-open gear extreme pressure lubricant, it is fully proved that the domestic special oil can also have a good lubrication effect on the equipment, which can ensure the stability of the equipment and smooth production, and its performance can be Foreign products are comparable and worthy of promotion and application.

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