[Instrument latest patent] A magnetic induction smart meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduce a national invention-invented patent - a magnetic induction smart meter. The patent was applied for by Shanghai Bangxin IOT Technology Co., Ltd. and was authorized on March 16, 2018.
Content Description
The invention relates to a magnetic induction intelligent water meter, belonging to the field of water meters.
Background of the invention
At present, the domestic water meter market is still dominated by mechanical watches, but from the point of view of development, intelligence is an inevitable trend, which can save labor, improve the accuracy of meter reading, and can also achieve stepped fees, effective use of limited Water resources.
Summary of the Invention
The invention aims at the deficiency of the existing mechanical watch, provides a magnetic induction intelligent water meter, realizes the intelligent meter reading, improves the accuracy, and is convenient to manage and record.

The figure is a schematic structural view of the invention
The technical solution adopted by the present invention to solve the above problems is as follows: A magnetic induction smart water meter includes a wireless controller and a wireless water meter. The wireless controller is installed on the surface of the water meter. A magnet is mounted on the impeller of the water meter. The wireless controller includes a display unit. , Power management unit, short-distance wireless transceiver device, valve control unit, MCU and magnetic sensor, display unit, power management unit, short-range wireless transceiver, valve control unit and magnetic sensor connected to the MCU.
A solenoid valve is connected between the valve control unit and the magnetic sensor. The MCU has a memory card interface, a logical encryption card interface, and a CPU card interface. The wireless controller also includes a real-time clock, which is connected to the MCU. The wireless controller also includes EEPROM, and the EEPROM is connected to the MCU. The wireless controller also includes an infrared emitting unit, an infrared receiving unit, and a serial port buffer. The infrared emitting unit and the infrared receiving unit are connected to the serial port buffer. The display unit includes power display, time display, real-time flow display, trend display, and temperature display.
The invention has the following beneficial effects: small volume, small installation space required, high sensitivity, and easy intelligent management.
For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.
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