· Mercedes-Benz invested 100 million euros for Thai battery supplier TAAP

Volkswagen has just announced an investment of 20 billion euros to purchase batteries in China and Europe. Mercedes-Benz followed suit and today said it will invest 100 million euros in a battery factory in Thailand.
The move is part of Mercedes-Benz's recently announced electric vehicle production program, which includes the construction of six battery plants worldwide and a global battery network. The network covers cooperation with multiple battery suppliers, and the Thai company TAAP was signed this year.
It is reported that Daimler's investment will be used to expand the existing battery production facilities at the TAAP Bangkok plant and to build a brand new battery factory for TAAP. According to Mercedes-Benz, the newly built factory will be exported to other markets in Mercedes-Benz in addition to local supply. As soon as next year, the battery production supported by this new investment will have substantial results, and Mercedes-Benz will also release the new electric car sub-brand EQ.
In the view of the car cloud, Daimler has a very aggressive electric car propulsion plan in the traditional car companies. Daimler hopes that by 2022, its Mercedes-Benz and smart brands will provide an electric version for all models on sale. It is reported that Mercedes-Benz will launch the first pure electric model next year. This will be an SUV belonging to the brand new pure electric vehicle sub-brand EQ, which may be named "EQC".
Obviously, more and more companies are beginning to implement their own electric vehicle plans, and each has adopted a different strategy in the construction of battery suppliers. For example, Tesla and Panasonic have a close working relationship, but it regulates battery production with a super battery factory in Nevada.
As for the Volkswagen Group, which has just made a big punch, it chose to spend a total of 20 billion euros before the battery production to support the research and development and production of China (currently Ningde era) and European battery suppliers.

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