Safety measures for walking materials

1. Personnel must be familiar with the conditions of handling roads and roadways beforehand carrying and lifting materials.

Second, the walking road must be unblocked. If there is any debris blocking, the road must be cleaned and then transported.

3. When pedestrians or materials pass through the roadway disrepair area, they should first observe and then pass quickly. It is strictly forbidden to stop at the disrepair area. Through the roadway maintenance work area, you must first greet the personnel in the area and wait until you allow it to pass quickly.

Fourth, when handling and lifting materials, attention should be concentrated. If someone is transported at the same time, it is necessary to maintain a distance of more than 10 meters to prevent the gap from being too small to each other.

5. When lifting the material, it is necessary to do what it takes. When the weight exceeds 45 kg or the length exceeds 3 meters, two or more people should work together to lift it.

6. When two or more people work together to lift the materials, they must have a unified password and force at the same time. When grasping the material by hand, be sure to hold it firmly to avoid accidents.

7. After the materials are transported to the designated location, they must be handled with care to prevent the throwing of broken articles or bullets.

Eight, the use of iron wire toggled lift transport ship with a strong tool to lift heavy irregular.

Nine, when transporting materials through the face, you must walk on the foot of the frame, step on the foot and hold the hand to help slow down, to prevent the trample from slipping and causing injury.

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