Shenzhen Hongshun Meng shares security anti-theft infrared alarm installation method and steps

Infrared installation method:
1. Before installing the infrared alarm, firstly place the alarm host on a fixed position and hang the alarm probe at a height of about 2 meters so that it tilts forward and downward to obtain higher sensitivity. After the power is turned on, after a delay of about 1 minute, the alarm enters the alert state. At this time, if someone enters the monitoring area, an alarm will be given. Alarm about 1 minute, stop automatically. Then back to alert.
2. When the host enters, first press the power-off key on the remote control. When the infrared alarm sounds “click”, the alarm is turned off and no alarm is issued when it enters the guard zone. When the owner leaves the guard area, press the power button and the alarm sounds with an audible “beep”.
3. In the event of an emergency, press the emergency alarm button and the infrared alarm is the emergency alarm.
4. Infrared alarms are equipped with high, medium and low sensitivity adjustments. Users can adjust them as needed.
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