· BMW invested 200 million euros to establish a global battery technology center

BMW hopes to acquire the upstream technology of battery production by mastering the core research and development and manufacturing technology, and establish the company's competitive advantage in the field of electric vehicles. In November last year, BMW invested 200 million euros in Munich, Germany, to establish a new battery technology center is an important step in this strategy.

The battery core is the core component of the power battery, which determines the performance, capacity, charging efficiency and service life of the power battery, and plays a key role in the performance of the electric vehicle. “The trend of electrification in the automotive industry is very obvious. BMW’s goal is to surpass all existing competitors and new entrants in the industry and become the number one in the field of high-end electric vehicles.” Mr. Fu Lexi, director of research and development at BMW Group, said, “Only In terms of both electric vehicle performance and cost control, we are able to achieve the goal. This is why the Group is investing in large-scale R&D in the field of electric vehicle technology."

According to BMW, the BMW Group's battery technology center covers an area of ​​about 13,000 square meters and can accommodate 200 experts and R&D personnel. It will be put into use as early as 2019. Experts will analyze the design and technology of the cell in the laboratory, research department and cell workshop of the Battery Technology Center, produce samples for cell development, and adjust the chemical properties of the cells by using different materials to study the cell. Performance in harsh or extremely cold conditions, analysis of charging and fast charging behavior, as well as evaluation of cell size and shape.

Mastering these cell technologies is critical to enhancing battery performance, and this technical expertise will also help guide suppliers to cell production in accordance with BMW's precise product requirements and specifications. These core technologies cover the full value chain from material selection, cell design, battery system integration, and mass production technology, bringing the decisive competitive advantage to the BMW Group while achieving optimal cost-effectiveness and economies of scale. benefit.

As early as 2008, the BMW Group has accumulated relevant battery technology and experience through the research and development of BMW i models (BMW i3 and BMW i8) and obtained high-level evaluation capabilities. Today, BMW will focus on this area in the new battery technology center to accelerate the further maturity of these technologies, and these research and development results will also be directly applied to the new generation of power batteries.

Mr. Fu Lexi, Director of Research and Development of BMW Group, said: “We will integrate our expertise in the new battery technology center and focus on upstream and downstream research and development of core technology. All research focuses on how to improve battery performance, life and safety. , charging efficiency and cost control. I believe that BMW will set a new benchmark for the industry in these areas."

Mr. Qi Pu Ce, Director of Production of the BMW Group, said: “By producing cell samples in the R&D environment, we are able to fully understand the entire manufacturing process of the cells and can effectively define the best battery design and specifications accordingly. And its manufacturing process, and can guide battery suppliers to customize production according to BMW's needs. Although we do not need to mass-produce batteries for the time being, we have the expertise and skills in battery research and development, and for BMW. It is important because the core technologies of these electric vehicles will ensure the flexibility and independence of BMW's electrification strategy."

Applying the fifth generation of electric drive system from 2021.

In terms of electric drive technology, BMW is also focusing on the future and constantly developing new transmission systems in order to be compatible with traditional models and new energy vehicles. Beginning in 2021, the BMW Group will apply the fifth-generation electric drive system. The fit between the motor, gearbox, power supply unit and battery in the system will be further optimized. A decisive advantage of this new electric drive system is the combination of the electric motor, gearbox and electronics into a completely new, independent electric drive box. Compared to previous generation systems with three separate components, the highly integrated new components are designed to be more compact and require less space. The scalable modular design allows the system to be flexibly adapted to different vehicle platforms. At the same time, the integration of the motor, gearbox and power supply unit also reduces the number of components and reduces costs.

In addition, with the evolution of battery technology, the fifth-generation electric drive system will be equipped with new batteries with higher power. The new electric drive system can upgrade the range of pure battery vehicles to 700 kilometers, and the cruising range of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Can be upgraded to 100 kilometers. In this way, the BMW Group will further expand its innovative leadership in the electric field.

Three major battery factories supply global production

Mastering the battery technology and electric drive technology, it also grasps the competitive advantage in the field of electric vehicles. The high degree of flexibility in production plays a key role in the electrification process of the BMW Group.

Thanks to a highly flexible production network, the BMW Group is able to respond quickly to the market demand for electric vehicles. All electric vehicles have been integrated into existing production systems. This flexible production has three major advantages: First, it achieves great flexibility, can rapidly increase production according to market demand; Second, fully optimizes the capacity utilization rate of the factory; Third, it provides customers with highly competitive Electric vehicle selection – For BMW customers, BMW's electric models are very emotionally appealing.

At present, the BMW Group has 10 plants in the world producing new energy vehicles and three battery factories in Dingolfing, Spartanburg, USA and Shenyang, China. Among them, the Dingolfing plant plays a pioneering role in the global production network, and it is the technical center of the global electric drive system.

It is worth mentioning that the BMW Brilliance Power Battery Center, which was unveiled in October 2017, is the third complete BMW battery group in the world and the first complete power battery center outside Germany. It integrates battery research and development, production and testing. , further enhance the strength of BMW Brilliance in the field of new energy vehicles. The first power battery produced by this power battery center has been applied to the new BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid, which will be officially launched at the end of March.

Accelerating electrification strategy

Under the guidance of the new “First Strategy”, BMW is focusing on technological development in the fields of electrification, digitization and automation, and continues to strengthen its position as a leader in mobile travel and future technological innovation.

In the field of electric vehicles, the BMW Group achieved its goal of delivering more than 100,000 electric vehicles in a year. In 2018, this number is expected to increase to at least 140,000. At present, BMW Group's electric vehicle sales account for 10% of the global market share, and BMW has thus become one of the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturers. By 2025, the BMW Group will supply 25 pure electric and plug-in hybrids to customers worldwide. With the mass production of the pure electric MINI, the pure electric BMW X3, the BMW iNext and the BMW i4, the BMW Group will launch a new round of electric offensive.

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