What is the cold test process? Make clear through part of FAW's liberation engine business

The engine is no stranger to us, but what is the engine cold test technology? Is it a profound and difficult technology? For a layman, can you really understand it in minutes? Can you have these questions? It is a good young man with curiosity and curiosity. Give it a thumbs up for you! Little friends who don't have these questions would like to give you a bit of praise. After all, seeing that the question can be clicked in is better than not clicking. More knowledge! Well, well, not much nonsense! The next Xiao Bian will take you to understand this process in the industry has been known as "high precision" reputation.

Aowei 13L engine Aowei 13L engine

Engine cold test process has obvious advantages

Just by listening to the name, it can be determined that it is inseparably linked with the engine! The importance of the engine as the heart of the car is self-evident. Not only is the processing process cumbersome, complex, and highly technical, the assembly process is also subject to strict quality control. The engine cold test process is a technology that is specifically designed for engine quality inspection.

Then, how does the "engine cold test process" control the quality of the engine? It is understood that the working principle of the engine cold test process is to collect a large amount of data before conducting the cold test process to perform the mapping analysis and establish the qualified standards; during the cold test process At the end of the engine assembly line, the servo motor is used to drive the crankshaft to simulate the engine's operation so as to detect the error in the engine assembly process. The test results of the cold test engine are compared with the established standards to determine whether the engine is qualified. In addition, the engine failure mode can be quickly locked according to the test curve to fundamentally solve the problem.

Cold Technology Principle Cold test technology principle

The entire detection process may seem complicated, but it takes only a few minutes to use, with low use costs, low resource consumption, low investment in matching, and high detection accuracy and efficiency. After the implementation of the cold test, the engine testing capability of the FAW Liberation Engine Division will increase by 50,000 units per year, saving more than ten million yuan in technical reform investment. The quality of components and the quality of engine mounts reached a higher level, and the zero-kilometer failure rate was reduced by 78.6%. In addition, when the engine is tested under the cold test process, there is no combustion phenomenon, no need for public facilities, zero emissions in the detection process, energy saving and environmental protection.

Although cold and heat are mutually opposite dihedrons, in the engine detection technology, there are cold test processes and hot test processes. The working principle of the hot test process is: the engine is ignited and the test results are compared with the torque, fuel consumption, and other indicators developed in product design to determine whether the engine is qualified.

As the predecessor of the cold test process, the hot test process is inferior to the cold test process. It not only takes a long time, has a high cost of use, has a large amount of supporting investment, is difficult to judge defects, and is resource-intensive, but it also causes environmental pollution.

Hot test technology principle Hot test technology principle

The 6DM engine that implemented the cold test won several awards

As the saying goes, there is no harm without comparison. Everything that can be attributed to "the same kind" is inevitably contrasted. The contrast brought about by contrast makes people clearly distinguish between good and bad, good and bad. After Xiao Bian compares the cold test process with the hot test process, do you prefer the cold test process to more? Telling you quietly, not only the cold test process is popular, but the cold-tested FAW Jiefang Xichai 6DM engine was implemented. It is also "beloved" and has won many awards and won prizes. It is understood that since December 2017, the 6DM engine cold test process has been implemented in batches, and has won 9 national honors, 2 provincial honors, and several Wuxi city honors.

FAW Jiexi Xichai Aowei Engine FAW Jiexi Xichai Aowei Engine

As the winner of multiple awards, the FAW Liberated Xichai 6DM engine that implements the cold test has obvious advantages. A single 6DM engine reduces diesel, antifreeze, and other losses by approximately RMB 70. Since the implementation of cold test technology, the cost savings have exceeded RMB 5 million. The consumption of a single 6DM diesel engine has been reduced by 10.86 kg, saving more than 800 tons of diesel, and the CO 2 emission of a single 6DM engine has decreased. 36.6kg, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2,500 tons.

Technological innovation drives the development and progress of the industry. The application of the engine cold test process is an important part of the implementation of the “Pilot Demonstration of Heavy-duty Vehicle Engine Intelligent Manufacturing” project by the FAW Liberation Engine Division. In the future, the FAW Jiefang Engine Division will continue to use production as an entry point, implement intelligent upgrades, build smart factories, maximize production efficiency, and ultimately realize intelligent manufacturing throughout the entire life cycle of the value chain.


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