The science required to open the car

One may say that people may feel strange when they are accompanied by vehicles. However, they can be seen occasionally in our daily lives. As long as you observe them, these vehicles are generally more common around construction sites. The full name of the truck-mounted crane is the truck-mounted crane truck. In some places people also call it a truck crane or a self-crane. We all know these names. In addition, the truck crane can be divided according to different tonnage.

Large vehicles such as lorry cranes are mainly used for lifting heavy goods. It is very difficult to accomplish only relying on manpower. Save time and effort, why not do it.

Obviously, the truck crane is obviously different from the common cars and vans in our daily life. Therefore, the requirements for driving the truck crane are naturally different from those of the general vehicle.

Here we specifically talk about what documents are required for a qualified truck crane driver.

Since it is different from driving a private car, the type of first driver's license will certainly be different. It is the most basic and most necessary for the driver to obtain the driver's license according to the driver's license. On this basis, if you want to drive the truck crane, you must also have a boarding pass. This certificate also plays a key role. Together with a qualification certificate, everything is available, which means that you can follow suit. The car hangs this seemingly atmospheric model.

Here are the documents and materials that need to be prepared for everyone to apply for the certificates:

The first thing to bring is the original and photocopy of your own ID card; the vehicle's factory-qualified certificate and the vehicle’s tax payment certificate are also indispensable; Other materials that should be carried by laws and regulations.

To finish the formalities smoothly, these basic things must be prepared and indispensable. With these materials, you can quickly complete the relevant procedures and drive your vehicle to the road. Don't forget to drive safely on the road.

Construction Hoist Steel Structure

Construction Hoist Steel Structure means the construction hoist spare parts like Construction Hoist Mast Section, Passenger Hoist Cage, Construction Hoist Wall Tie and so on.

The length of each mast section is 1508mm, the rack is fixed on the mast by three bolts and it can be exchanged. For the single cage hoist there is only one rack on the mast section, and the mast section can be used for the double cages hoist by increasing one rack. The section of the mast is diverse, select one type section according to different hoist. The mast sections are bolted together with M24 bolts and nuts to form mast. The mast is tied to the building with tie-in and is the guide rail of the cage. According to the user`s or circumstance`s request, surface of mast is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

The tie-in(wall tie) is the linked part between mast and building, to keep the stabilization of the mast. Distance between the tie-in is about 6~9m alone the mast. There are several types of tie-in. Select one of them according to need, tie-in can adjust the vertical of mast in definite ranges. According to the user`s or circumstance`s request, surface of the tie-in is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

The cage dimension(L×W×H)(m): 3×1.5×2.5. We can also manufacture cages of other size according to the user`s needs. The material of the cage and the door material can be steel wire weave, aluminum-plastic panel, punched-plate, figured aluminum board or other type according to user`s needs. The gate is equipped with drawing gate,include small turn over gate.

Construction Hoist Mast Section,Construction Elevator Mast Section,Passenger Hoist Cage,Construction Hoist Wall Tie, Construction Hoist Anchorage Frame