Take you to understand the technical characteristics of cast aluminum electric heater

The cast aluminum electric heater is one of domestic and foreign electric heaters. It uses a tubular electric heating element as a heating element, and the original part can be bent and formed into a die cast aluminum into various shapes of products. There are many different kinds of heaters. According to different customer needs, they can be used to produce heaters with different uses and specifications. The following Xiaobian will introduce the technical characteristics and main uses of cast aluminum electric heaters.
What are the technical characteristics of cast aluminum electric heaters?
The cast aluminum electric heater uses a tube-shaped heating element with a curved shape as a heating element, which can be placed in a mold and made of high-quality metal alloy materials such as copper, aluminum and its alloys, and centrifugally cast into round, flat, right angle, etc. Various shapes of equipment. After finishing, it can be closely attached to the heated object. The maximum temperature can reach 500-600 degrees Celsius.
Of course, it is also an efficient heat distribution of the heater, coupled with excellent thermal conductivity of the metal alloy, can ensure that the hot surface temperature uniformity, which eliminates the device's cold, hot spots. Therefore, the equipment's thermal insulation performance, mechanical performance is relatively good, long life, in addition to corrosion resistance, magnetic field and other advantages.
Second, what are the main uses of cast aluminum electric heaters?
The use temperature of cast aluminum electric heater is generally between 150-450 degrees Celsius, and can be widely used in plastic machinery, die head, cable machinery, alloy die casting machine, chemical industry, rubber, petroleum and other equipment. Because it can increase the insulation layer externally according to the user's needs, it can greatly increase the thermal efficiency and save electricity, so it can be used for heating of ovens, boilers, pipes and non-corrosive liquids.
The above is about the technical characteristics and main uses of the cast aluminum electric heater. This type of electric heater uses nickel-chromium wire heating and is equipped with high-quality insulating materials on the outside. The design is reasonable, the processing is fine, the thermal efficiency is high, and there is energy saving. Security and other features. Yangzhou Ascend's flagship cast aluminum heaters and other electric heater product line. This type of product has a fast thermal reaction, small size, and high power. At the same time, cast aluminum electric heaters have the advantages of long life and high reliability.

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