Yuchai 580 high-horsepower engine powers Dongfeng Liuqi to win market opportunities

Looking at the domestic heavy-duty market in recent years, the high-powered engine seems to be the direction sought by many brands. In high-speed and high-efficiency transportation industries such as trunk logistics, timing, and e-commerce logistics, vehicles equipped with high-powered engines can perform various tasks outstandingly and at the same time reduce the cost of transportation. Therefore, they become businesses or consumers. The choice is economical and convenient.
Dongfeng Dragon H7 equipped with Yuchai 580 high-power engine Dongfeng Dragon H7 equipped with Yuchai 580 high-power engine

As early as the beginning of 2016, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile introduced the high-powered heavy truck model of the long-distance trucking and dangerous goods transportation that was built three years ago, the LongH7 . 121 stations in Yulin, 130 in Nanning, 83 in Guilin, and 121 in Qinzhou. After the listing, at the press conferences across the country, LongH7 repeatedly exposed large orders and its market share continued to climb.

The strong "core" is the source of new momentum. Only a strong and strong military can win the first chance in an increasingly competitive market. As a new masterpiece of Dongfeng Liuzhou's new platform + new power, the weight of the dragon H7 Yuchai 6K power is evident.

At the Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto Commercial Vehicle Marketing Conference held in early 2018, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile displayed a 580-horsepower LongH7 6X4 tractor.

The biggest highlight of this H7 is the power equipment, which is equipped with a customized version of the 580 HP Yuchai 6K13 engine. The 13-liter machine of this national five-emissions standard has increased the maximum output power to 580 hp (426 kW), the power is quite amazing, and the peak torque has reached 2550N.m, which is also the largest in the industry.

Yuchai "golden power" engine Yuchai "golden power" engine

After actual calculation, the LongH7 580hp heavy truck engine can reach 85km/h at 1200rpm. The matching of high horsepower + direct gear + small speed ratio is the development trend of logistics vehicles. The excellent start acceleration and climbing ability of this 580-horsepower Long H7 tractor will undoubtedly be a powerful competitor in the efficient logistics market. .

The new Ryukyu H7 is expected to be officially listed at the Beijing Auto Show in 2018.


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