In February, the SUV sales list looked backwards. Why did these ten cars not sell well? Minimum monthly sales of less than 10 units

A full version of the SUV sales in February has been released, in addition to the top 510 wins at the top, Haval H6 second place, there seems to be no big bright spot, then we may wish to pay attention to the bottom of the sales performance, the absolute majority of the top ten countdown models Unexpectedly, the Master has obtained the wholesale sales of the SUV in February from the Multi-Leadership Association. Let's take a look at why these cars are not selling well.

Tenth Beiqi Magic Speed ​​S2

The data show magic speed S2 arrived at the store in January 140, in February to store 81, you can calculate that this car sales only dozens of units, many places have stock cars. Although the Magic S2 SUV is very affordable, even lower than the Po Chun 510, but it may be lack of brand influence, and the design is not too good, so the average sales, but as a small young family car In fact, it is still very affordable.


The 9th Nazhi Jieyou 6

Many people ridiculed that Na Zhijie's brand would make second-hand car dealers tremble. In fact, it was only Na Zhijie's earlier and less mature product. Tea brother had tested and tested this excellent 6 even though it was inferior to mainstream ones. Joint venture brands, but also not far from the mainstream of the independent brands, if the shape is better, I believe there will be many people will choose.


Eighth Beijing BJ80

Relying on the wolf and the second fire a BJ series SUV, in fact, in this hardcore SUV audience is already relatively small, while the BJ80 positioning is even higher, then for playing off-road friends, presumably will choose Prado, Qilu Even Land Rover Range Rover and other models, really choose hard-core friends made not much.


Seventh Fukuda Savannah

Fukuda's commercial vehicle brand is more colorful, and the passenger car is more general, I believe many friends and even Savannah this model has not heard, let alone buy it. In fact, many people in Futian think of Baowo. In terms of quality, Futian passenger cars are certainly not more popular than Baowo.


Sixth BYD S7

Today, BYD's main vehicle is the dynasty. Its S series SUVs are actually scenery too. But now BYD has switched to new energy and this route has been very successful. Many of its products have gone out of the country, so the S7 is not sold. OK, it's also normal.


Suzuki Feng, fifth place

Suzuki has also been brilliant, Fengyun, Swift, and other models, on today is also a very good family car, in terms of economical and reliability, Suzuki is doing very extreme, but the only problem is that for a long time no replacement The result is that it has not kept up with the trend, and the appearance and interior design have become too old-fashioned and it is difficult to attract consumers even if it is reliable.


Fourth place Seahorse S7

From Haima Mazda to Haima, this brand is considered legendary. Today, the entire platform and technology of the hippocampus is quite good. The design also comes from the well-known Binfa design studio. From the perspective of wholesale sales, it is still quite a certain amount to be sold in January. Therefore, in February, there was no number of stores, ranking fourth.


Third Windwind S5

Jianghuai's Ruifeng series SUV is still relatively well-known, and this brand has also entered the top 20 global brand values ​​in 2018. The comprehensive JAC SUV has two star models S2 and S3, and the new S7 is also very popular. S5's compact S5 sales are normal. After all, this level of competition is fierce. From wholesale sales, it is estimated that the volume of sales in January is only about 1,000 units.


Second view of the 3 City SUV

Guanzhi can be said to be the first domestic brand to hit the mid-to-high-end market, but it has been sold since its inception, and Guanzhi has been rated as “being applauded” by all walks of life. The design of each model under it is considered a domestic high level. The use of materials and workmanship is also quite good, but the human-computer interaction has done a lot of mixed talks, and the powertrain had a small problem, had to be sold by Chery for money.


First place Sic Bo X55

Beiqi's current route is similar to that of BYD. Traditional fuel trucks are not easy to sell, and switching to new energy sources can be a pioneer. At present, Beijing Automotive's new energy layout is still relatively good, in the country and BYD can be a wrist. Say that back to Sicbo this car, as a small SUV it has no price advantage, there is no space advantage, as for the brand premium and appearance design, etc. There is almost no extra points, monthly sales of a few cars really look at luck, if If you want to reverse it then there is an urgent need for a major change.


Master summarizes:

National consumers like to follow suit. In fact, to a certain extent, this can avoid buying products of lower quality, but it cannot follow the trend blindly. For a car like this product, still need to try it out and experience it personally to know whether it is good or bad, but for a model with poor sales, there are always some bad places. Manufacturers should actively face and improve, rather than go Short publicity and gimmicks.

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