Mineral sample processing system

For the refractory ore flash flotation industry project with large investment, the resource side is required to provide one ton of ore samples for the flash flotation process test, in order to reduce the fluctuation of mineral traits.

Through the verification test of LCQK, it is found that the parameters such as the sample composition are highly volatile, and therefore, it is necessary to specify a standardized processing procedure for the sample.

The specific system is as follows:

In the first step, the total mineral sample is mechanically mixed.

In the second step, 10% sample (100 kg) was taken from the total sample with uniform mechanical mixing.

In the third step, the sample is coarsely crushed, and the maximum particle size is controlled below -3 mm. For the coarsely crushed sample, take 20% of the sample according to the sampling specification, and divide the weight into N parts, and store it in a plastic bag. The remaining sample samples were sealed and stored in plastic drums.

In the fourth step, 5% of the N sample samples were taken for moisture determination.

In the fifth step, from the sample sample for measuring moisture, N parts are sampled according to sampling specifications, and chemical composition and mineral phase analysis are performed. The remaining sample samples are sealed in glass bottles for later sampling.

Although there is a certain waste in the above sample processing system, at least the relative stability and representativeness of the sample components and phases can be ensured, and the verification test results can be reproduced.

For mineral samples with a small total weight, such as 40 kg, a one-time full sample preparation method is adopted. The so-called one-off sample preparation means that the minerals are coarsely preserved. After the coarse crushing of the mineral, the oxidation process is accelerated and needs to be sealed and stored. Especially difficult to choose sulfide ore, need to be sealed and stored. The flotation process is the process of flotation of the ground minerals. Grinding minerals in advance is a violation of the characteristics of the flotation process. Therefore, the mineral can only be broken down to a certain particle size for storage.

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