Female passengers entering the station with folding knives refused subway security

Yangzi Evening News reported that at 9:45 am on the 20th, at the No. 4 exit of the South Station Hall of the Nanjing Station on the Nanjing Metro Line 1, the security inspector checked the bags in and out of the security inspection machine and found that there was a bag in the handbag that was carried by a woman. The folding tool, suspected to control the tool, then on the scene informed the female passenger will be confiscated according to regulations, she was refused.

The security inspectors repeatedly persuaded them to work. The woman always refused to cooperate and insulted security personnel, resulting in security station No. 4 at the Nanjing Railway Station. The security inspector had to alert the subway police. After the police station of the Nanjing Railway Station arrived at the court, they carefully persuaded the client to persuade and educate the client and showed him the control tool certification standards according to law. However, the woman always believed that the knife she carried was only a fruit knife and refused to hand it over to the police. Insults have caused crowding of the surrounding masses and have seriously affected the order of subway operations. The police verbally summoned the police to the police room for further investigation. However, the woman still did not cooperate with the police to carry out verbal attacks on the police and security checkers.

After the investigation, the woman surnamed Chen (35 years old, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province), the knife he carried was identified as a controlled knife by the Public Security Brigade of the Metro Public Security Bureau. Chen’s actions constituted a suspected illegally carried control device and entered public transport, which was already in violation of law and order. Under the Administrative Punishment Act, the parties were sentenced to five days of administrative detention.

The subway police reminded that the subway security inspection is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of passengers on the trip. If the travel time is delayed, please give them understanding. Do not carry a knife, watermelon cutter, or other controlled tool to take the subway so as to avoid crowding of passengers, causing harm to yourself and others, causing unnecessary trouble. The subway police will further increase the security inspections to prevent contraband and “three escapes” personnel from entering the subway.