Ce Woodworking 16 Inch Wood Planer

Model NO.: P410
Cutter Shaft: 4
Spindle Speed: <5000rpm
Process Type: Medium-Sized Processing
Certification: CE, ISO
Trademark: SMT
Transport Package: Standard
Specification: CE, RoHS, SGS
Origin: China
HS Code: 84659200
Specification:Motor Power:3.5KW
Table Size:Length 600mm, Width 408mm
Cutter Head speed:5500rpm
Number of Knives:3pcs
Max Cutting width:410mm
Max cutting depth: 4mm
Feed speed: 5-7mm
Packing Size:720x720x1000mm
Units/20' container:48pcs

The Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer is used to dry fine particles. It is widely used in food, chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

The horizontal fluid bed dryer is also call as fluidize-bed. lt consists of air filter, heater, fluidized-bed main machine, feeder, cyclone seperator, cloth bag duster, high-pressure centrifuge fan and operation table. Because the properties of raw material exist difference, when equip the Dust Removing equipment, it should consider the practical need. It can select cyclone seperater and cloth bag duster at the same time or one of them. In genral speaking, it needs to select cyclone seperator only for raw material that is large in specific gravity and cloth bag duster for powder and small granule raw materials that is light in gravity. Meanwhile there is air feeding device and belt conveyor for selection

XF fluided bed drier use clean air after filtrating, through heat exchange, make air temperature rise to a certain value into main machine, then through distributor of valve plate into fluidiztion, material from feeder enter into the drier. Because of wind pressure, raw material from boiling state in drier, the wide contact between hot air and raw material, increasing the process of hot exchange. In short time, make water vaporizing. Raw material is discharged from the outlet, exhaust gas discharged from the top of the fluidization bed, and discharged from cyclone separator, dust filter with cloth bag after reclaiming material. The machine is working in negative pressure


Drying operation of medicines, chemical raw materials, foodstuff, grain processing, feed and so on. For example, raw medicine, table, Chinese medicine, foodstuff of health protection, drinking, feed, resin, citric acid and other powders. The suitable diameter of raw material will be0.1~6mm. The best diameter of raw material will be 0.5~3mm.

Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer

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